We will try to grow my preschooler’s tiny garden from our balcony

“Mom! I have an idea! How about we go to the park and pick a bouquet of flowers?! Eeeek! It’s so exciting!”

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a flower-filled neighborhood. There’s no way she’s finding flowers anywhere. So, I suggested for us to go to Tagaytay for a quick flower shopping. The idea got sold quickly; before we know it, Zio Wendell was driving us to Tagaytay. The trip took less than an hour thanks to CALAX, and we cut our trip in half, which means more time for us to shop! Let’s go on a virtual plant shopping together!

Let’s go on a virtual plant shopping together!

I’m a complete newly when it comes to caring for plants. And I have killed a few small pots of herbs that’s why I have no interest to get a bigger plant. But one day, my daughter’s adventurous creative side had this idea – pick a bouquet. The last thing I wanted was to leave her disappointed by the lacklustre situation of flowering plants in our neighborhood. On the other hand, buying flowers from the market is pointless. I knew she wanted to experience the fun of picking flowers.

So, yeah, Tagaytay fulfilled our flower and plant cravings!

Our plant craze isn’t over just yet. It’s just the beginning, and I’m going to make the most of my daughter’s newfound interest. So, here are only some of the items that we’ve been eyeing on Lazada. What do you think?

01 Elephant Watering Plant Can

I can imagine my daughter merging play with plant care with this pink elephant watering can. It will make the whole experience much more enjoyable for her. It has a small water hole that will minimize drips and water wastage. And the long nozzle design will give a smoother water flow.

02 14 Pcs Mini Garden Tools

These are succulent garden tools. They are relatively small, which I think is perfect for children but leave the sharp and pointy ones to the grown-ups. Always remember to supervise the little ones as they work on their little plant project.

03 3pcs Owl Succulent Pots with 3 Tier Bamboo

I’m down to anything cute and space-saving. These 3-piece owl succulent pots are just adorable; I bet my daughter will enjoy watering her Jades in these tiny pots.

04 Two-layer Elegant Metal Plant Stand Shelf Flower Pot Rack

This two-layer metal plant stand is perfect on those awkward corners of the home. With the right plant, this stand will turn houses into cozy homes.

05 6 inch Red Round Pot

The thing with buying plants is that it’s hard to stop from getting more. Make sure you have extra pots at home for new ones and propagation too.

Are you still looking to revamp your work-from-home and gaming experience?

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