A week in our lives: What it’s like to have an integrated work-life lifestyle.

Thriving the integrated work-life lifestyle is the core of my parenting style. And it has worked for me in so many ways! It’s been a fulfilling journey because I’ve grown a lot as a blogger while enjoying the full benefits of seeing my daughter grow alongside me.

In this post, I’m going to share the events that transpired in one whole week so you too can thrive the work-life integrated lifestyle.

Here’s what happened:

How I manage to attend a 3hr long mom-event about raising kids with money values

When I became a parent, I thought I had to skip conferences and events that would help advance my career. I mostly resorted to podcasts and tutorials found online to get updates from the industry. But in this case, there was a mom-event to expand my parenting skills to new heights. But These events ascertained ways to incorporate learning into a weekend family routine, making it easier for others to participate. Last Sunday, I had that opportunity to bring my daughter with my brothers tagging along with us. In a way, our weekend turned ultra-productive. I get to attend the mom-event while my daughter spent quality time with the family. 

Attended my daughter’s costume parade in school without missing work

Sometimes our work commitments get in the way of our parent-duties, and it’s okay if you have assigned a caregiver to look after the kids. But if you’ve taken the integrated work-life lifestyle, you will find ways to be fully involved with your child’s school activities without missing out on work too. Plan ahead of time and sort some work in advance to avoid missing out on work. It also helps to keep a straightforward planner that you can print at home to keep you on track.

Took my daughter to Baguio on a 5-hr long bus ride

Any trip that would take more than two hours for a toddler is a potential disaster. They would become fussy and restless in no time. It worries me a lot, especially when riding a public vehicle. So, I took the time to research the most convenient way to travel a 5-hr long trip. I sat with my daughter and gave her the essential details about the trip so she could also prepare herself. The key here is to encourage your kid to plan with you and to make them feel that they have an essential role in the whole journey. Reassure your kids that you are ready to listen and provide the comfort they need during travel. Let them choose the toys and snacks they want to bring. Discuss the appropriate clothes to wear and the limitations of what you can bring. Get them excited by sharing exciting places and activities about your destination, so they have something to look forward to other than the long bus ride. A calm and happy kid could give you time to rest or check some work on your smartphone, a win-win situation.

Held a 2-hr long meeting at a coffee shop while tagging my kid along

Since my daughter and I discussed the purpose of our trip, she had an idea on what to expect. She knows that our trip has a specific schedule to follow, and it includes meetings that could take about an hour or two. Give your kid something interesting to entertain them while you sit with her in a meeting. I make it to the point that I also introduce my kid to the people I’m meeting with so she won’t feel left out. However, some instances might require extra help from another adult, especially when you are meeting up with a client. So, I invited my cousin to join us on the trip. It gave me a chance to concentrate on the meeting while my daughter and cousin played on the next table nearby.

Toured around Burnham Park and rode a mini boat without losing my mind

At some point, as parents must deliver to our promise of “great quality time” with our kids. To keep things easy for us, I chose a hotel that is less than 500 meters away from Burnham Park. The park has about every parents need to entertain their kids. There is a 30-minute boat ride for 150 Php. You could also throw an additional 50 Php if you wish for a kuya to row the boat for you. It was a relaxing experience in spite of the constant reminder for my kid to sit down and keep the acting skills in control. She just enjoyed saying “Full speed ahead!” and so we did. 

Does it still sound like a lot of work? It’s because it does!

It takes a lot of effort to plan and carry through with those plans. But the underlying message to this is for parents to continue living their lives and build new goals alongside their kids. I hope it inspires you to do the same no matter how hard it can be. I promise you it’s worth it.

Published by Elle Anorma

Elle Anorma dreams of having a PR and Digital Marketing Agency. After several years working in various Media and Communications companies in the Philippines, she took the steps to pursue her agency dream. With no capital to set up the business, she began the journey as a freelancer hoping to save enough to build her own team. She has worked with global clients for digital marketing projects in the Construction, Food Delivery, Real Estate, and Virtual Assistance to name a few while enjoying occasional trips with her daughter. Today, she aims to inspire parents and other Mompreneurs to continue pursuing their life goals.

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