After a week of getting sick, I didn’t let my daughter skip her first ever family day; I didn’t regret it.

Kerrigan got her first Gold medal

Why we love family sports day at toddler school

My three-year-old daughter was enrolled in a toddler class when we joined her first family sports day. I didn’t have a clear picture of what was going to happen apart from the games and picnic on a grass field, which by the way there was no grass field. But we still ended up enjoying the whole experience, here’s why:

There were games for everyone

The school thought about everything! I thought I’d be just walking around documenting my first-ever family sports day experience with my daughter, but no. I was compelled to join the mom games, too because I wanted to set the team spirit vibe with my daughter. The dads played the tug-of-war, the kids had a bunch of obstacle courses laid out for them, while the moms gathered to knock off a bunch of cups with just a ball on a string.

Her sporty side shone through

This toddler isn’t a fan of sitting around on the bleachers to watch a game because she will always be the game. As soon as she got hold of football, she was unstoppable. She ran with the ball and kicked the ball like a tiny pro; I was stunned at how seldom she missed the ball while manoeuvring around people. I was watching her and ready to apologise to people in case she accidentally hits them, but she didn’t. So, yeah I guess I will soon become a sports fan and potentially could become the millennial soccer mom.

Screen time? What screen time?

We woke up early on the day, which changed our whole morning routine but for a good reason. We joined the family sports day! I didn’t expect that to be part of my role as a new mom, but I embraced the challenge, and I was happy I did. The whole morning was about getting in the field or the school’s gym to play games and build camaraderie among parents and kids. It was fun that my daughter forgot about “Hank” my old iPhone 6 because she was too busy climbing the soft gym, playing with the other kids and joining the mini-games.

Bring your kids to family sports day or maybe organise your own because look how we just enjoyed the whole experience. Watch the vlog here! 😀
It’s about winning the things we like

Toddlers could have specific likes, and my daughter is no exception. Weeks before the family sports day, she had been raving about having a whistle. If I remember it correctly, it goes like this “I wish I have a whistle…” with the puppy eyes. Instead of running to the mall to get her one, which was never my style as a parent, we waited until she had the opportunity to earn it. And she did when she played the Target Golf game at the family sports day.

Gold means great

I’ve got nothing to excuse myself from these photos, but clearly, I am that overly excited mom! It wasn’t a big deal, but you see how things were when we got our first Gold medal. With that wardrobe malfunction and my nude brassiere popping out, I was the happiest first-time mom there. And do I need to confirm that? Just check the photos below.

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