Why I had a babymoon

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Part of becoming a first-time mom is the preparation for the entire journey. As soon as I found out that I am a soon-to-be mom, I developed an obsession with reading all sorts of pregnancy articles, blogs, books and even pregnancy apps. I needed to have a crash course of all the information that I could get my hands onto because I knew the journey is going to be life-changing.

One of the things that I came across with was ‘babymooning’ or the pre-baby vacation before the baby arrives. I got excited when I found out that it was a thing that soon-to-be parents take before the baby arrives. So, we took the necessary precautions before even starting to plan out for the trip. I made sure that our journey was within the allowable pregnancy period. I checked everything with the airlines, prepared my pregnancy status and spoke to my OB before booking anything to ensure our safety.

What is Babymoon?

Do I look pregnant to you? My nose does.

Babymoon is a trip or a vacation you take before the baby comes. It’s like an alone-time for parents before they head to those sleepless nights and restless days caring for the baby. To some, it’s like a romantic getaway for soon-to-be-parents, and it could also be a period to establish the arrangements of the family. It sounded like a one-quick-last-escape before the baby takes over a parent’s’ life. I didn’t see it as an escape to that impending reality but more of a way for us parents to spend time together, bond, and discuss our future not just as parents but as a family. I wouldn’t have known about it if it weren’t for my relentless research about pregnancy related stuff. We didn’t need distractions from the trip, so we made sure we’re far enough from work. But I figured that’s impossible since we were connected 24/7. I guess for as long as we get to spend several days together, it was enough to consider it as our alone time.

Babymoon is a trip or a vacation you take before the baby comes.

What was the ideal babymoon destination for us?

People are recommending beaches and other out of town trips close to home to avoid the hassle of long travels. But for us, we chose to fly to Hong Kong because of its shopping centres and food selections. As for me, I agreed to Hong Kong as our babymoon destination because of Disneyland. I love theme parks, especially riding rollercoasters and other nerve-wracking rides, but on this trip, I wasn’t able to do any. Sometimes you need to sacrifice some things for the sake of our safety.

What to bring on your pre-baby vacation?

My partner and I brought one carry-on luggage and laptop bags of our usual stuff with the essential documents to accompany our passports like doctor’s clearance to travel and a signed declaration of my pregnancy condition.

Are you ready for your babymoon?

Go ahead and take the trip with your partner just make sure to pack along your doctor’s clearance to travel. It may be the last time that there’s only the two of you, but only because your life will become so much happier.

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