Coyote Bar & Grill, a vibrant piece of Mexico

I told you about why I had a babymoon before the arrival of my little girl, but what I didn’t share was the restaurants we visited in Hong Kong to satisfy my cravings.

So, imagine this.

You’re pregnant walking on a Summer day in the streets of Hong Kong really hungry but not exactly looking forward to having anything Asian. You climb an overpass with a view of the city’s concrete jungle almost near Wan Chai road, but not quite, then you see this vibrant Mexican bar and grill with only one thing in your mind:

Do they have ribs? I’m starving!

A stunner along Lockhart Road

Sometimes when it’s hard to decide where to eat, I let the restaurant’s interiors lure me in. With Coyote’s open, vibrant yellow restaurant, it became clear to us where to have our lunch. Nothing too crazy for a pregnant woman’s taste but has a combination of flavourful and healthy choices.

The restaurant bar and grill is a typical Mexican restaurant by day and party place by night. It has several tables and chairs spread around the island and a bar big enough to fit around 15 to 30 people. I bet you’ll love to try their signature cocktail.

Everywhere you look, there’s always something interesting to see. From the bright and colourful estrellas hanging from the ceiling to the warm leatherwood chairs, the place will satisfy your taste for something Mexican. And to give the restaurant the illusion of a broader open space, a floor to ceiling mirror was installed on the wall, which is always a practical idea when you have a place in Hong Kong.

The staple Mexican dishes

Coyote has all the signature Mexican dishes you can imagine, so when you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could try their spicy dishes or lean more to the mild staple meals. We went for those Coyote classics like the BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Cheese and Spring Onions Quesadilla, and a plate of Coyote Caesar salad.

Get their menu here.

Are we coming back?

It would be nice to bring my daughter to this restaurant, and maybe I could prove if the restaurant stands to its reputation of having the “Best Margaritas in Town”.

Overall, if you’re looking for something familiar to your taste while enjoying a few rounds of drinks, Coyote Bar and Grill is a place for you to check out. Just don’t forget to bring your party self because this place turns into a complete party place by night.

Looking to reserve a table or two for a party? Check out their website or head straight to Wan Chai for reservations.

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