Mom and baby’s first road trip at two months postpartum to an eco-park resort in Batangas

At two months postpartum, Kerrigan and I were ready to explore places together with my sweet ride on our first-ever road trip adventure.

It was February 13, when Kerrigan and I drove to our first-ever road trip for a family reunion. It was an excellent opportunity to breathe some fresh air, a break from our daily routine. So Kerrigan and I packed our essentials, I mean I packed the essentials and brought my little girl with me, along with her baby car seat and stroller.

It was a 54 km drive to Dioko Resort in San Pablo, Batangas. I knew it was going to be a long drive, but I was quite confident that we will reach the place safely. With my phone within reach, I used the Waze app to get there, unfortunately, a few months ago, the app was not as reliable as it is today, so at one point we were directed to a local cemetery in Batangas. Luckily, Kerrigan was behaving well but still. It was my cue to call a family for directions. It didn’t take as long to arrive at the resort because we were just within the area of this massive property.

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Dioko Resort is not your ordinary recreational place in Batangas. It is also an eco-tourism destination in the South. The area was so huge that there were huts big enough for 3 to 5 people scattered all over the place, a pavilion, a mini zoo and three big pools with slides for adults and kids. But it’s not even the main reason why this place was imposing. This resort also houses renewable energy facilities like windmills, solar energy, biogas and a RAM pump to efficiently transport water within the area.

So while we were all pre-occupied with meeting our relatives and enjoying the poolside, little did we know that we were experiencing one of the known sustainable resorts in the South. I think this destination would be an excellent alternative for school field trips or even company team buildings. It was a great place to bring babies and kids for a quick out-of-town road trip!

There's more to know about Dioko; you can get more info at Dioko Resort and Eco Tourism Park Facebook page.

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