Here’s a list of my favorite online learning resources

The biggest challenge in homeschooling my four-year-old is finding materials to make the home study fun and exciting experience. Next to that would be sticking to a routine, but that’s for another topic! And being cooped up at home for weeks could bust the creativity and energy of hardworking parents to come up with edutaining ways to teach our kids at home.

This line up of online resources will help with your new role as a homeschooling parent, whether you have a learning provider or not.

Virtual field trips for the whole family

My daughter and I would usually visit a zoo at least once every year. We had a chance to visit a zoo in San Diego a few years back, that’s why I’m glad to find a virtual version to remind us of the whole experience. Let your kid learn more about the animals in San Diego’s virtual zoo here

Unlimited storytime

Our gadgets aren’t just for streaming videos online these days. It’s also a useful tool for getting your kid entertained through storytelling. Audiobook and ebook providers like Scribd, Sesame Workshop, and Audible are sharing free access to their digital libraries to children. 

Online edutainment resources

Most parents like myself had no concrete plan before the mandatory homeschooling, let alone the lessons to tackle daily. These online learning hubs like BrainPopFisher-PriceNASA Kid’s ClubPBS Kids and Time for Kids will give you tons of ideas on what to teach your kids at home. Some of them got a short QA at the end of the educational videos to enforce the learning experience. 

Free printable worksheets

Whether you prefer to write the worksheets for your kids or print them at home, these free printable worksheets will help you thrive your new-found career as a homeschooling parent. I’ve been taking inspirations from and to make the study time sessions a little more exciting for my kid.

Educational apps

There are days wherein I couldn’t carve out a time to sit and teach my kid. Thanks to these app-favourites, I could practically leave my kid in a corner while she browses Kiddopia, Kids Academy, and other science-based educational apps.

You don’t have to include all of these online resources to your daily homeschooling session. Pick a topic or two for the week and find a way to incorporate it to your kids reading, math, and art lessons.

Enjoy homeschooling!

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