Our Vitamins Story: How we are keeping our immune system strong

So, I am a grocery shopper/runner, homeschooling parent, all-around home cleaner, work-from-home mom!

It’s a never-ending list of responsibilities at home!

No thanks to the pandemic!

Despite these isolating and life-changing lockdowns, we are trying to adjust well by keeping ourselves healthy. Since the regular vitamins in the pharmacies were mostly out of stock during the first few weeks of the Metro Manila quarantine, we had to buy our vitamins online.

Here’s what we’ve been taking to strengthen our immune system.

  • Carlson’s Chewable Vitamin C and DHA for Kerrigan
  • Puritan’s Pride Ultra Woman Daily Multi-Vitamins, Omega-3 and ABC Plus Multi-Vitamins

We are taking these vitamins every after meal. I’m not saying you take these vitamins; you must choose the ones that are recommended by your doctor.

Update on the vitamins

It has always been easy for Kerrigan to take her syrup vitamins. But I want sure how she would respond once she’s having those chewable vitamins. Carlson’s Vitamin C tastes like gummy bears; it was like a candy treat every time. However, the DHA vitamin has a gel-like texture. I knew it would be weird for her to eat something that wouldn’t dissolve right away. Good thing she’s used to having those orange and berry-flavoured drop toppings from Pinkberry yoghurt shop, the taste and texture are somewhat similar.

Our relatives have noticed that Kerrigan’s slowly gaining weight. But I couldn’t say if it’s because of the vitamins or because we have more time to eat at home. What I’m happy about is that she’s not getting colds and cough anymore. It takes the worry away.

As for me, I noticed that I am also gaining some weight. It’s crazy getting cooped up at home! Jogging at the park isn’t allowed, and the gym and pool are all closed until things get back to normal.

At this point, we’ve been taking the vitamins for more than a month now, and so far I have no complaints.

That’s it for now! See you again soon. 😊

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