Golden Brown Homemade Tempura Agemono Fry Set [McCormick]

If I don’t end up closing a partnership deal with a food company, then I don’t know what will!

This week, though cooking isn’t my expertise, I fried some homemade Tempura with the help of McCormick’s Tempura Agenomo Fry Set. The dish came to mind when I saw the fry set collecting dust at a local grocery store. I thought it would be nice to try something different at least for this month.

Making the dish was easy, thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions. What took a significant amount of time was the peeling and deveining of the prawns. It took about 30 minutes. No wonder ordering Tempura from any restaurant costs a bit more compared to other dishes with more serving.

Tempura with McCormick


  1. 1/2 kilo of prawns
  2. eggplant
  3. McCormick Agenomo Fry Set
  4. Kelogg’s Corn Flakes

My Tempura looked like fried chickens because the shrimp curled instead of its traditional food presentation.

How to cook:

Peel and devein the prawns then set it aside. Mix the McCormick fry set with cold water but remember not to over stir it. The batter has to be thick to coat the prawns evenly. After that, you have the option to cover the prawns with corn flakes. I did it with mine, and they look nice!

For the sauce, I added two tablespoons of warm water and a little bit of light soy sauce for extra flavour. Finally, I coated the eggplants with the remaining batter.

Check out my housemates reaction in this cooking vlog!

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