How we celebrated Grandparents Day the 70s style

Have I told you how much I am enjoying school these days? There’s always something to look forward. From mini field trips, capsule activities to seasonal events like Grandparents Day. It’s a chance to showcase my ability NOT to crack under-pressure and produce creative side projects like this 70s inspired dress.

Interested in finding out how I came up with a 70s dress in just a few hours? Read through or browse the photos below.

I’ve always wanted to create and design costumes for my daughter. Back when she was three months old, I made her a Little Prince-inspired dress for a DIY photoshoot at home. I featured the photo on How I thrive from my work-travel-parenting stint. Go check out the chubby cheeks and legs! 

How I unlocked a new #MOMSkill hand-sewing a 70s inspired dress

The fitting was a slight struggle since the neckline was a little too narrow. At some point, I had to beg her to participate.

I’ve always wanted to create and design costumes for my daughter. But the lack of time and constant distractions from the daily grind leave parents with a few to zero time to pursue creative passions. So, these school activities and events are like mini tests to showcase what we’ve learned over the years and produce something worth sharing.

Making a dress is very simple. It requires a fabric, needle, thread and lots of creativity.

Loving how WordPress way of showcasing my authentic self on this thumbnail.

The materials for this dress are straightforward. I got a one-meter long floral fabric for Php 350 at a local store. The fabric has a fluorescent pink floral design which I love on my daughter’s morena skin tone. Her colour popped nicely on stage, it was lovely! Then I got a basic sewing kit from our dresser and an old dress for tracing patterns of the bodice, neckline and sleeves. I didn’t have a tape measure, so I used a regular ruler. 😂

The 70s themed photo booth design gave us the throwback feels

The oversized mixed tape gave us some serious nostalgia.

A for creativity on a budget! Most photo booths would cost too much, but the school has a way to keep things at a minimum cost but with a “wow” factor. I love the oversized mixed taped and the huge microphone. It was cute. Reminds me to be more creative on future DIY projects.

It took about two fitting sessions to get just the right fit. With a matching headband and a pair of knee-high socks completed the look for less than Php 500.

Dancing to the 70s “Let’s Groove” and “September”

The kids were all so adorable on stage with their 70s inspired outfits. It took some practice not to get distracted and scared of the crowd. To see them getting used to performing on stage would make any parent proud. I know because after about two-stage performances in the past this one showed a whole new level of dancing. 🤪

There’s a vlog coming out every weekend on my YouTube channel.

But there are a few things that we must remember when kids are slated to dance on stage.

Here are my tips:

  • Give them a series briefing done in fun way Before these kids get on stage, tell a thing or two about what to expect. Give them a briefing as to why they have to be on stage and how they feel about it.
  • Encourage them to have fun Kids will have different reactions about performing on stage. Remind them to enjoy the moment.
  • Ask the kid if she wants to wear a diaper just in case she needs to go potty and remind them about it. I’ve had seen my daughter froze on stage because I forgot to mention her she’s wearing a diaper for those emergencies.
  • Make sure they are full and hydrated A five to eight-minute-long stage performance could be a lot not to mention the hours needed to prepare them for the dance. Give them a healthy breakfast and bring some for snack time.
Me convincing my daughter to have a photo with me. We ended up having a cheek to cheek pose.

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