Lakbay Museo, a glimpse of a vibrant Pinas

Posted on December 28, 2019, 11:51 pm

Traveling is almost non-existent in this time of COVID-19, well at least to those who are older than 65 and younger than 15 years old. So, this travel blog repost is meant to inspire us to explore more as soon as this pandemic is over.

One of the things I look forward to is the great deals that come with the holiday season. Within minutes of searching for promos online, I snagged tickets to Manila’s newest fun and vibrant museum – Lakbay Museo.

How to visit Lakbay Museo

Lakbay Museo is conveniently located at S Maison at Conrad Mall just right beside Mall of Asia. It means round the clock of bus, jeep and shuttle services are available for commuters. So, if you’re planning to drop by, you’ll get to tour the museum and visit other places in the complex. Check the best time to visit the museum on your Waze app to avoid the rush hour.

Online ticket rate is P 699 per person while the regular walk-in ticket rate is for P 799 each when you book directly on website.

How to purchase tickets

The museum knows how to take advantage of booking tours online, but it doesn’t mean walk-ins aren’t welcome. With P100 OFF on your ticket guests can quickly check available schedule without the need to call or PM the establishment. Choose the date of your visit and click the drop-down button to schedule your time of arrival and entry in the museum.

Philippine passport holders can purchase a ticket at P 599 via Klook.

Buy your tickets here to get the P 100 OFF!

What to expect when visiting Lakbay Museo

Like any amusement parks and museums, once you’re in there, you wouldn’t notice the time passing. So, I was quite surprised when the ates told me that I have 1.5 hours to enjoy the museum tour. Given my “professional” field trip experience with my kid, an hour and a half were like 10 minutes in children’s time. It just didn’t feel enough. Fortunately, Lakbay Museo was a bit more generous to us or was I too exhausted chasing after my little girl who went crazy over the vibrant displays in the museum?

Take hundreds of photos all you want but don’t skip the chance to enjoy the colours of the Philippines in this modern art museum.

How to purchase food and other items in the museum

Our buy 1 get 1 promo ticket came with 24 pieces of chips or tokens to purchase food items in the museum. I got myself a cup of sweet corn, a small ball of Arroz Caldo, while Kerrigan bought five pieces of Kwek-Kwek. 

What to bring

Do you want to bring your field trip experience a notch higher? Why not wear a traditional Filipino costume when you visit? I made my daughter wear her old costume to Lakbay Museo, and she blended well with the colourful displays in the museum. As for me, the museum attendants were helpful enough to lend me this weaved textile for free.

What makes Lakbay Museo unique from other museums

Every nook and cranny were embellished with colourful lights, textures and wax figures. Name a festival in any province chances are they have it! The museum is a tangible travel itinerary for your next trip. But what made the whole Lakbay Museo genuinely authentic to the Pinoy culture was the friendly and laidback vibe from the ates and kuyas in the museum. For a while there, it felt like we were surrounded by old friends giving us the latest scoop in town.

So, are we going back?

I’m actually looking forward to seeing what sort of activities and improvements are coming to Lakbay Museo as soon as it’s safe for younger guests. Please visit their Lakabay Museo’s page or website for inquiries.

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