Meat Depot’s Classic Aged Angus Ribeye Dine-in Home Kit

Is it hard to find good quality meat these days?

Surprisingly, not!

We had a chance to try one of Meat Depot’s many meat products from the comforts of our home. For 1,100 Php you get to experience cooking your Classic Aged Angus Ribeye whichever way you want it – no hassle!

Meat Depot Dine-at-Home Kit Aged Angus Ribeye Classic Steak

What’s included in the meat kit

It’s convenient and quite easy to prepare so, you won’t have to worry about messing up the taste of your ribeye. The meat kit comes with 300 to 350 grams of AB Ribeye Steak, 10 grams of Meat Depot’s Steak Rub, a small pack of Mashed Potato and a Mushroom Gravy Sauce.

Two packs of mushroom gravy sauce and mashed potatoes were combined in this photo. But it reality the mashed potato pack is at 150g while the gravy sauce is 100g.

How to cook your dine-at-home Ribeye Steak

You can grill, fry or cook it in the oven. But since we were starving, we rubbed the whole Steak Rub onto the steak and fried it on butter-topped with lots of garlic. I also followed the quick instructions on how to prepare the mashed potato and gravy sauce which by the way was just super easy with a microwave oven.

Rub the whole pack of Meat Depot’s Steak Rub

And the final result…

The steak was tender. It was tender enough for my four-year-old daughter, too. I also liked how the steak rub was available already. The mashed potato was a little light, but the mushroom gravy sauce balanced the flavors well.

Are we having a steak at Meat Depot again?

Absolutely, yes! Any ready-to-cook meal kits to satisfy cravings, especially when dining in a restaurant isn’t an option these days are a must-have. The price though is a bit leaning on the pricey side so, some of use might still look for other options out there. But if you are in a hurry and prefers the convenience of getting things delivered right at your doorstep, then it’s just the perfect product for you.

I wish we have a sharp blade because our steak looked like it was torn apart. But, the steak tasted delicious, nonetheless. 😅


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