Landers grocery shopping in MECQ

Shopping for groceries used to be a happy bonding experience with my daughter a year ago. But these days, I’m going solo.

How we are spending the Holidays at home

Our small condo is the go-to place for the Holidays. It’s our HQ for low-key celebrations.

Overnight pool party for a 5 year old

If there’s a Christmas wish that I want for my vlog this year and the coming years is to vlog consistently!

Bake Challenge: How to bake a sushi with a four year old

I skipped lots of trending foods and drinks but not the sushi bake!

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Salisbury steak with creamy mushroom sauce

This month I tried whipping my version of Salisbury steak hoping it will turn buttery sweet just like the ones in Pancake House.

Golden Brown Homemade Tempura Agemono Fry Set [McCormick]

If I don’t end up closing a partnership deal with a food company, then I don’t know what will!

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Quarantine Meal Ideas: Easy restaurant meals to try at home

Find ingredients that are least likely to go out of stock or have a longer shelf-life. And then create a restaurant-grade masterpiece! 😉