My daughter’s realisation (and mine) after a visit to the Fun Farm Sta. Elena

I’m telling you – there have been many attempts in the past to visit the Sta. Elena’s Fun Farm. But most of the time, the schedule I prefer were always full until finally one holiday a slot opens for us. I was the happiest.

For obvious reasons, though I know there is a huge chance that it’ll be too warm to visit in April, nature trips are always the best alternative to give the Gen Z kids a dose of sunshine and fresh air instead of zombifying them with too much video games and “edutainment” videos. Not that I’m against those, but too many gadgets will give these kids less exposure to real-life experiences like meeting animals, interacting with them and just learning more about them.

This half-day trip to the farm gave us a much-needed dose of outdoor fun.

The natural colours brought focus to the experience

The farm was a totally different experience from what we’ve been visiting in the city. It has at least three natural colours – brown, green, blue which made everything fresh and simple to the eyes. There were no attention-grabbing designs to distract you from appreciating the natural beauty of nature.

Less is actually more

The farm has a handful of activities to do. You can ride a boat from their mini pond, ride farm animals, climb onto ropes and feed small animals. But since the activities are shared with other guests waiting for your turn is something that you will have to teach your child. So, instead of running around, we simply sat on a bench and chatted.

It taught us to be brave together

My toddler is becoming more of an adventure junky. Naturally, she wanted to try the zip line which by the way as a mom would be happy to pass riding one. While it’s easy to convince her to skip the zip line, I felt like supporting her adventurous side. The idea of hoisting her a few feet from the ground didn’t really sink in until she was actually strapped on the harness. I was in a serious panic the moment I saw her hanging there!

One of the many times I saw her at her happiest while hanging 10+ feet from the ground!
Our first-ever mom-daughter 100 meter zip line ride at Sta Elena’s Fun Farm.

A sustainable way to have fun

I used to think that fancy playgrounds and grand theme parks were the happiest places for kids until I saw her climb those spider web ropes and cross those hanging tires in the farm. It just reminded me that happiness doesn’t come with an expensive ticket. A spacious backyard with old tires safe for the little ones will definitely go along way.

Reclaimed happiness

This would be my favourite part of the farm. Seeing how they brought new life to those reclaimed wood and old vehicles gave the farm a whole vintage appeal – another idea when we have our very own farmhouse, I guess.

On a mission to have our own farm (someday)

It’s one thing for a kid to ask for ice cream and another when she discovers that she wants her own farm. Suddenly, things become real that these tiny humans have their growing wants. As a parent and it will become your life’s mission to help them achieve whatever wishes they may have even if it will involve earning the money to afford the farm.

And one of the immediate outcomes from this is that she would now respect my personal space whenever I would say: “I’m working, amore. So, we can have our own farm soon.” Sometimes there’s no need to remind her that, she would simply ask: “Are you working so we could have a farm, Mom?”.

I wish I have a farm, Mom!

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