What I learned from my toddler’s Moving Up Day

My daughter started playschool a few days after she learned to walk. Since then it has been an amazing experience for her and a training ground for me. So, yes! This whole Moving Up Ceremony thing was also a celebration for other parents like me who has no single clue on how to prepare their kids to school but eventually winged it!

My daughter mastered her ABC’s and I have mastered the art of getting ready for school

Waiting for hours made me look so crumpled what more those little kids who needed their afternoon nap.

From the day we searched for a great school until we became efficient in our daily school preparation which felt like a production number everyday! I learned to pack snacks and levelled up from the 3-piece churros school snack to a 3 meal variation for my kid. My daughter, on the other hand, learned to share school toys and discovered her comedic personality. She has evolved from an observant toddler into this life-of-the-classroom little joker in class.

The best creations are done in school

This was our first year in The Little Apprentice School and the second event we attended – both events had a nice DIY backdrop. My daughter’s school falls in the expensive school category. It was actually the second priciest toddler school I checked so somehow I’m expecting to spend a little more on events like this. Surprisingly, the school found a way to keeps things affordable for the parents by producing cute DIYs.

When kids are fussy, parents could become cranky

Don’t expect things to be smooth if you’re staying more than three hours for a school program because things are going to be rough to the unprepared.

Elle Anorma

The school program started at around 1:30 pm but the kids had to wait for half an hour before it was their turn to dance on stage. At that point, most of them became a little tired from playing around in the backstage. Suddenly, snacking and storybooks weren’t enough to entertain the kids anymore. Maybe a group game would be a great alternative to storytelling time because it was just too noisy for the kids to hear their teacher’s story or a quick nap to recharge them would be nice too. I’m not sure, but as the hours went by I was becoming helpless to see the kids cry in the backstage. But I still tried to keep things cool and helped in guiding the little kids to the stage. Fun times.

Impromptu Toddler B Photoshoot

When taking photos of the kids, always schedule it at the beginning of the program while they’re in the mood to give you the energetic smile. Here they are wearing their Little Mermaid inspired costumes.

I’m sure the “Have fun in the office, Mom!” and “Don’t forget the hug and the kiss, Mom!” is something that the teachers would miss this Summer break.

Family photos are always nice even if it’s beside this rough stone column

The stage was packed right after the program. It would be crazy to squeeze myself there to secure a portion of the stage backdrop. Instead of that idea, we posed right in front of the golf course. With lots of natural light, our photos were crisp!

Capture memories

No matter how tired and haggard-looking I was, documenting was something I wouldn’t dare to forget. These events are once in a lifetime. Whether it was tiring or not they are memories that would bring us back to those crazy-fun experiences. And I’m glad I was able to save most of it.

Here’s our Moving Up Day Vlog! Enjoy watching! 🙂

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