Here’s what I do first thing in the morning

Five years ago, the first thing I would do as soon as I wake up was to sit in front of my computer and work.

Well, I still do that, only this time, I take playtime breaks around 8 am to play with my daughter. She also wakes up around that time. And then, I’ll have extended mid-morning breaks to cover our homeschool schedule. The 2-hour long break from work is more than enough to help us thrive the work-life from home. And it has been rewarding so far!

Join our morning playtime routine today!

I also found some items that might work well for you and your kids. Most items are small and compact perfect for the condo-dwellers with limited space.

3-Tier Kitchen Utility Trolley Shelf

Our 3-tier utility trolley has been useful in keeping all our arts and crafts supplies. It helps my little girl organize all her pencils, coloring materials, markers, glitters and more in one place. This version is actually much nicer than what we have because it has an enclosed container so nothing is dropping off from the shelf. I bet it’s also nice to use this trolley shelf to store cleaning and laundry products at home.

My Little Pony Toy Set

My daughter enjoys recreating stores from Netflix using her miniature My Little Pony characters. And believe me there are tons of stories created every single day through this role playing game. I particularly find it too funny whenever she changes her voice into different characters with matching sound effects to bring the whole play experience even more realistic. So, I say invest in some good pieces and choose those toys that your kid are familiar to.

Loose Casual Tops and Shorts Set

Since I’m mostly at home, my go-to outfit are those comfortable and loose fitting casual tops. It’s easy to wear and I could even wear it for a quick trip to the supermarket. And I love that the top has a matching shorts!

Wooden Toys Math Counting Sticks

Here’s to incorporating play in study time with this Math counting wooden sticks. This set has four colors with 43-piece set. It has colorful sticks and cubes ideal for visual learning and improving your kid’s motor skills. Made with eco-friendly material and burr-free so it’s safe for your toddlers and preschoolers. Just make sure that they are supervised during play at all times.

Magnetic Drawing Board

Wooden toys and study materials have that certain appeal. They are durable, versatile and most of the time complements the furniture in your home. Somehow it matches the Japandi interior design theme. It has white and blackboard sides perfect for study time session with your kids.

Are you still looking for educational toys and homeschooling supplies?

Browse the items you need at Lazada.

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