Unboxing & Setting Up FlexiSpot Gaming Standing Desk


After months of staying home, Jc gave his plastic portable table an upgrade!

Working (and gaming) comfortably from home is everything in this time of uncertainty. But as much as we value comfort, we also have to mindful of our purchasing habit. We live in a decent size condo and we love it but it also means we have to be mindful of the items we purchase to make sure that they actually fit our home. But most importantly, this gaming standing table will give Jc that extra movement he needs as he work and play on his computer. And the gaming standing desk makes a lot of sense because he spends more than 18 hrs in front of his computer. Hopefully, he will be using the standing feature diligently!

Today, we are unboxing FlexiSpot Gaming Standing Desk in Black.

Join our crazy unboxing and see how this huge desk could fit in a small home.

01 Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

Our adjustable gaming desk fits perfectly in the smallest bedroom in our condo. We can quickly switch from sitting to standing in less than 10 minutes without the noise. It’s convenient to switch back and forth even during a Zoom call!

02 True Vision Ergonomic Pro Standing Desk White

To be honest, if we could still fit another standing table in our home this white True Vision Ergonomic Pro Standing Desk would be on top of my list. It’s ergonomic features will help improve my posture and maybe even my productivity at home!

03 Ergonomic Office Massage Chair

This ergonomic office massage chair is the ultimate work-from-home must-have for me. They have beige, white and brown! If only I have a space for it, am I right?

04 Adjustable Laptop Stand

There are so many stores selling adjustable laptop aluminum alloy stand. I bought one fore 300.00 Php plus but this one is half the price. Feel free to shop for nicer looking ones. I think I saw a pink and black version somewhere.

05 Mezone TWS B6 Earbuds

I had to double check every single product with the same brand name because this earbuds is less than 2,000.00 Php! Yup, you read it right! This wireless charging earbuds boasts Qualcomm TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus with Deeper Base +

Are you still looking to revamp your work-from-home and gaming experience?

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