Review: Flying to Rome with Emirates

It was yet another exciting adventure with my two-year-old when we headed to Rome last year. I was excited and scared at the same time. Why wouldn’t I be? It was a 16hr flight with a playful toddler. Lucky for me, travelling with my daughter was has always been an adventure. No boring moments just fun and crazy ones!

A few months before we flew, I read somewhere that Emirates was friendly to children. Flying with them should be comfortable just like we had with Philippine Airlines. It was our first time to fly with the airline and I heard lots of good things about it. First, I consulted sky to give us a good airfare deal. With Php 55k to cover both our tickets, I thought it was perfect!

Sitting in the middle? No problem! She's happy with the in-flight entertainment.
On-time flight

When you’re travelling with children, you can’t afford flight delays because you’re running with a few toys, some snacks and an iPhone 6. Any of those could turn against you quickly when it starts to bore your kids, a double-edged sword. What you need is an airline that opens the gate and leaves on time. So, thank you universe for Emirates!

How was the food?

Anything that has bread in it is a winner for me, but it’s a different story with my daughter’s food standards. She had a plate of mixed fruits, milk, bread and cereals. It was a delight! But the little one wasn’t pleased when she saw her Honey Stars weren’t round. She ate them all anyway like popcorn in a movie house!

Another thing I liked

There may not be as many freebies for kids like what I used to have when I was a kid, but at least they didn’t forget to give the kids something. We got a Safari inspired travel blanket. It was light perfect for travelling with a little one.

See us in action on this travel vlog!

Today we are sharing you our smooth and fun flight to Rome with Emirates. It was a great flight! The food is okay, and the in-flight entertainment did its job. The whole travel was surprisingly easy and quick even though we were seated in the middle of two strangers. It felt like I was travelling with an old soul, fun times with my toddler!

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