How this hotel in the South saved us in the middle of the night

Who would have thought September could feel like a December?

For today’s blog, I’m sharing how our September trip to Nuvali almost sent us back home in the middle of the night. Thankfully, the universe had a better plan and led us to Seda, Nuvali.

With the Grandparent’s Day school program on the same week of my daughter’s flower girl gig, my head was screaming “Vacation, please!”. Surprisingly, we carried out the whole week’s plan. It makes me wonder where my energy’s coming from. 👇🏼

30 minutes to midnight

Nuvali isn’t that far of a drive to where we live. But if you’ll factor in the crazy traffic, you’ll be in for a painful ride. Plus, the fact that I was on the road with a little girl, it could be a little too much. But, no, everything went by smoothly. Kerrigan was on her best self even though it was way past her bedtime. She’s mostly like this – a happy camper.

You could see us in action in our vlog below.

How we ended up in Seda Nuvali

We were supposed to stay at a different hotel in Sta. Rosa. However, there was a date mix up in our booking date. Instead of September 18, we were booked on the 19th and because of the wedding we couldn’t get any room that night. Since driving back home in the middle of the night was off the table, I requested the front desk to find a nearby hotel that could accommodate us for the night.


Seda Nuvali is in a thriving community in Laguna. Its hook is its eco-city living with a growing list of outdoor activities for the whole family.

Photo from Seda Nuvali’s Facebook Page

Our first impressions of Seda Nuvali

After the minor mishap, I wasn’t expecting much just a nice and clean room for the night was more than enough. It was already 12:30 AM when we arrived, and the happy camper mood was slowly wearing off. But when we saw the beaming hotel ambience, we forgot that it had been a long day for us.

Road trips and travels have become like second nature for us. It makes a world of difference since we’ve built up our muscles when it comes to travelling together. By keeping her in the loop of what to expect, she’s more likely to behave well in most situations.


There are three essentials to make any hotel staycation a fun experience – food, pool and play. Seda gave us a handful of choices for breakfast, but we like sticking to our default carb-heavy meal.

What else was there for the guests

There are three essential things to make any hotel staycation a fun experience – food, pool and play. Seda gave us a handful of choices for breakfast but we like sticking to our default carb heavy meal.

As promised, the little girl spent a few minutes in the pool. Of course, I had to go with her too. But I had to bail out after a few minutes because the water was just too cold for my knees! 🥶 Fortunately, there was another place that was waiting for us to try in the hotel – the playground area.

Instead of derailing us from our calm and happy mood, we kept things pretty chill. All thanks to Seda Nuvali’s zen ambience, we were able to smoothen things out and focus on having an awesome stay.

Seda Nuvali’s play area is located in the lakeside of the hotel. There were a bunch of outdoor lounges. But since it was a bit damp, we had to skip the garden and head straight to the play area.

So, are we going back?

Why not? Seda Nuvali will be the first hotel in mind if we are heading South for a staycation. Its proximity to Nuvali’s restaurant, shops and malls make it the ideal place for a laidback stay.

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