We kicked off the Holiday Season with Enchanted Kingdom’s Tree Lighting Ceremony

It’s that time of the year where the Holiday spirit is everywhere!

Parents, have you taken your kids somewhere to welcome the festive season? If you got no plans yet, maybe a quick trip to the South could jumpstart the season of festivity for your whole family.

After a fun November spent at Enchanted Kingdom’s Halo-ween experience, we head down South once again. But this time, to be part of the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony with Coca Cola and Coke Studio. It was a chance to ride the attractions that we missed and for Kerrigan to finally have her cotton candy!

First stop, Victoria Park!

For a preview of what’s in store for us, a welcome performance was held at Victoria Park by Enchanted Kingdom’s Kids Chorale. We also got to meet the real-life King and Queen of Enchanted Kingdom, Mario and Cynthia Mamon before the show.

What was it like to attend the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Enchanted Kingdom, you asked?

Imagine being surrounded with rides and attractions while being serenaded with Christmas carols! It was the next best thing to your kid snacking quietly while watching with you. All thanks to EK’s charm to keep everyone entertained for hours. We sat in the front row and got the whole magical experience when the host cued for the beginning of the light and sound show.

Snow and cotton candy treat at Brooklyn Place

The street was glimmering to the sound of Christmas tunes while the crowd awaits the first “snow” drop. My daughter was quick to realize it wasn’t real snow, but she still patiently waited to catch one anyway.

For us, Brooklyn Place is the brightest spot at Enchanted Kingdom. Its streets, stores and parlors have the same charm and appeal of a Brooklyn neighborhood in New York.

The colorful Rialto at Brooklyn Place

📸 Enchanted Kingdom

Let me catch some snow, mom. But remember it’s not real, mom!

– Kerrigan, realizing snow machines are the real deal

The crowd took live videos of the light, and sounds show and gushed at the sight of “snow”. Thanks to the theme park’s snow machine installation everyone could rave about seeing snow in Sta. Rosa for a night.

Request granted! Kerrigan enjoys a mouthful of cotton candy as we head to the Spaceport.

Enchanted Kingdom’s sustainable take on the festivities of this season

While other establishments boast intricate designs and ornaments, Enchanted Kingdom went for a sustainable option. Together with Coca Cola’s “World Without Waste” campaign, Enchanted Kingdom turned 4,000 recycled bottles into a one giant Christmas tree.

Finally, it’s time to light up the Christmas tree.

At last minute, my kid wanted to get some cheese fries. So, we had to run back to the Spaceport to catch the countdown. It was hilarious but sweet. Seeing her running with only proved her on-the-go personality. And because of that, we got a good view of the Christmas tree as it lights up.

But the surprises weren’t done just yet. As we tried to look for a quieter spot to watch the fireworks, we bumped into the homegrown artists of Enchanted Kingdom. Kerrigan got to meet, Maphista and Victoria. The two sisters who share the thrown in Enchanted Kingdom. We also met Coca-Cola’s modern-day Santa Claus and Christmas elf. 

My daughter defaulted into her go-to character “puppy” whenever she feels a little bit shy. Thus, explaining the paw-pose with the artists and talents of Enchanted Kingdom.

The Takeaways
  • Celebrating the festive season will bring a lot of fun parties and family events. But be sure to bring the essentials with you like some extra clothes, a mini fan, water bottle, and a few snacks that could easily fit a backpack.
  • While outdoor events like the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony was meant for the whole family, games with live music and fireworks display maybe a little too loud for the young guests. Bring a pair of ear muffs to tone down the sound.
  • And finally, take time to discuss the social event that you are about to attend with your kid. I told Kerrigan that we are meeting new friends at Enchanted Kingdom, so expect lots of people in the theme park. By setting expectations ahead of time, any activities is a sure success for us.

For details about the next event and other Christmas promos, visit Enchanted Kingdom’s Facebook page.

Until the next event! 😊

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