Pet Park and Go Kart at Robinsons Metro East


As much as we all want to stay indoors, there will be a point where we want to live a little bit. So, here I am sharing our pet park and outdoor drifting go kart at Robinsons Metro East’s Roof Deck! These activities are for the family, including the furbabies

Table of Contents

  1. Here’s what to expect when visiting Robinsons Metro East – East Deck
  2. Travel time to the pet park and go kart is less than an hour from Alabang
  3. It can get humid in the mid-morning, but it could also rain in the afternoon – choose the elements you’re willing to battle
  4. Go karting is the best thing at Robinsons Metro East
  5. The Pet Park at the Robinsons Metro East

Our latest outdoor activity for the family is one of the most unforgettable mini adventures in the midst of the pandemic. It’s outdoors! It’s warm and It’s not our usual out-of-town trips but instead we are going to a mall or at least what’s on top of it. I brought my 5-year-old, a senior, and our Beagle pup, Dashi, for a quick roof deck activity in the heart of the city!

And yes, you can also bring your pets!

In the middle of Manila’s busiest city, one mall found a way to repurpose their empty parking spaces into an outdoor activity place for the kids and pets. The huge roof deck, which I thought was about 1000 square meters, more or less, has at least five areas:

  • A biking area
  • A skater’s deck
  • An outdoor drifting kart
  • An RC car racing track
  • A pet park

Here’s what to expect when you visit Robinsons Metro East – East Deck

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Travel time to the pet park and go kart is less than an hour from Alabang

Our call time was around 10 am because it’s the opening hours for most malls in the city. So, I expected the light to moderate traffic during those hours. And even though I missed taking a turn to Rosario/ Pasig, we still managed to reach Robinsons Metro East before 11 am. But even so, I made sure I came prepared with a few items to entertain my kid and our fur pup, Dashi. I brought lots of chew toys and snacks for Dashi, the Beagle, and some snacks and stories while in the car for my little girl. 

It can get humid in the mid-morning, but it might also rain in the afternoon – choose the elements you’re willing to battle at the Pet Park and Go Kart at Robinsons Metro East

I knew that it would be too hot from around 11 am until 3 pm, but it also meant less to no other people visiting the roof deck. We ended up having the entire outdoor drifting cart to ourselves with a private tutorial from the nice people of Drift Tito! Just be sure to bring your kid’s safety gear like helmets, elbow, and knee pads. My daughter was itching for speed, and I was getting a little bit helpless trying to convince her to take it slow.

We are planning to visit Dinosaur Island and Zoobic Safari soon. Find discounted tickets here.

Go karting is the best thing at Robinsons Metro East

Drift Tito is the official outdoor drifting cart provider at Robinsons Metro East. Everything is in place there. They have the carts, the helmets, and the Kuya guide that gives a crash course for safe riding. I even have a clip of them sanitizing the helmets before handing them out to us. They were accommodating to our little Beagle pup Dashi, which made the whole activity super worth it! 

The go-cart team has a small tent situated beside the race track. They have black and yellow old tires as bumpers tied with a rope. I bumped on one of the tires while trying to drift and I remember the tires moving a bit during impact. So, the place weren’t built for impact.

Kerrigan would never miss a chance to ride the drifting go-cart, let alone not to lead the race – even though we weren’t racing in the first place!


For 350 Pesos each, we got toasted in a 30-minute ride. But if you feel like spending more time, then 600 Pesos for an hour of racing and drifting should be good for you. They have a 15-minute ride option for 180 Pesos, ideal for those who might hurt their knees from sitting for way too long – that’s me!

We were drenched in sweat within minutes. It was humid and warm. And the water we brought with us weren’t enough! To keep everyone in your family feeling cool and hydrated bring a compact fan and an insulated water bottle like Hydr8. It’s ors. in different sizes and color.

We are also in this weird warm-monsoon weather. Having a raincoat or an umbrella ensures no one’s leaving without a smile on their face. There are many raincoat styles and sizes for your kids and event pets too.

Kerrigan and Dashi, the Beagle, shares a dog house at the Pet Park!

The Pet Park at the Robinsons Metro East

It’s frustrating to find a place for kids and pets these days. You have to travel for hours to find a place like a beach that accepts both your children and pets. Luckily, someone understands the need to take both our kids and pets from time to time. Robinsons Metro East built a space for the furbabies, complete with a seesaw, elevated dog house, swing, and more. It’s everything you need to give your babies that much-needed outdoor time. By the way, entrance to the Pet Park is free!


We arrived mid-morning and it was really warm! Good thing there was an elevated dog house complete with a mini staircase and a ramp for your pets and little human.

Bring your bikes, skates and roller blades at the pet park and go kart tracks

Metro Manila isn’t exactly gifted with parks. The closest we have to a park are the ones we find inside the malls, which are off-limits to kids. Having this roof deck attraction is the next best thing we could have these days. So, bring your bike, skateboard, and other gears because the roof deck has a space for bikers and skaters.

I have so many travel and adventure stories to share, especially when we are still stuck with the kids and pets at home! A little time outdoors would be nice if we are observing safety protocols, right? 

We love Avilon Zoo
Dra. Viva, Dra Kathy, Elle and Kerrigan


“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” – Tolkien

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