How to enjoy a beach vacation with a sassy toddler

filipina mom and toddler

A first-time mom’s guide to a crazy fun beach vacation with a toddler

Gone are the days when you can jump on a banana boat on cue because there’s an energetic little buddy who’s willing to go with you at any time. So, you choose beach activities carefully to make sure it’s safe while fulfilling those adventure-filled whims of your tot. Our three-day beach vacation only proves how these tiny humans could redefine your whole beach vacation.

Here’s how you can keep your kid happy and your sanity secured on a beach vacation:

Bring the beach and sand toys

Get everything your toddler needs for your beach trip, and that includes a good set of beach and sand toys. You’ll be surprised how much they’ll enjoy their time out in the sun. Just don’t forget to put on a safe and effective sunscreen to protect them from sunburn.

Let’s dig some (chocolate) treasure!
Save the photo-op on the first day

The little ones would love to jump in the pool or play on the beach the moment you arrive. What you want is to capture that excitement as it happens. So, just before they get too busy playing, ask them to have some photos taken with you. You will be thanking your future self for those beaming photos of your kids later on.

filipina mom and toddler
I told her to smile for the photo and she gave me this!
Take advantage of your hotel’s facilities

Choose a hotel that has a play area for small children beach vacations for more than three days. It would give you an alternative playtime session with your kids to keep them entertained while they learn. Unfortunately, our three-day vacation was short even to check the play area in our hotel. Good thing that there was a mini lounge area for the guests. My daughter was able to entertain herself with those small wooden pieces while we wait for our afternoon refreshments.

Let the little one have the usual afternoon nap

Your little one would need to recharge from all the outdoor activities by the beach. Encourage her to take a short nap so you guys could have more fun time at the beach. My toddler was easy to convince because our family hotel room was a comfortable place for napping while we enjoy a great view of the beach.

Capture moments of your vacation on a travel vlog
Part 2 of our Boracay Vlog Series, Check out my channel for the whole series.

A few weeks ago, I had an interview with a student having a thesis about mom bloggers. Part of the questions revolved around content creation and I shared how I feel every time I miss to capture moments to create a vlog about it. But I forgot to emphasise what it truly meant for me as a mom. I love writing about experiences, travels and tips, and when you’re trying to juggle your life as a parent who works-from-home, you tend to forget about the important milestones. With these blogs and vlogs, I save not just memories but also maximise the space that Youtube and other online platform provide that would have been expensive when stored on a device. You’ll see how you will be able to look back on those memories on your travel vlog while inspiring others to do the same.

Give yourself some me-time

Since we are only staying for three days, I took the time I could get to visit D’Mall the shopping centre in Boracay. I explored the place and spoke with the merchants. I learned so many things during that short trip like the status of employment and business on the island. Most of the workers there are Filipinos working for foreigner employers. It felt like I was in a foreign country when I set foot on their island’s centre.

Shop for a souvenir that will remind her of your beach vacation

While she was napping, I head down to the shopping centre to get supplies and souvenirs. I found a toy stand near D’Mall selling all sorts of plush toys. She’s been raving about not having a seahorse yet, yup she has that collector mentality in her. Luckily, there was a seahorse toy that sells around 150, and she was delighted to receive it as soon as I got back to the hotel.

Hey, I also got a list of our beach must-haves on my parenting website, Born Happy. I’ll appreciate if you could check it out, too.

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