The Wholesome Table, the healthier alternative with real flavors

I am reluctant to leave the house because of the current state of the world. Yes, I am that paranoid mom. I try to limit our activities to a school-home routine which sucks so bad. If there’s a need to go out, it has to be for a good reason. 

And the reason: Nonna Lina is home from Rome, and she has invited us for dinner.

But, which restaurant to go to?

It has to be worth the trip. It has to be something that would meet Nonna Lina’s meticulous taste!

Insert, The Wholesome Table!

The unforgettable Spinach Dip reminded me to dine again after nearly two years

When a balikbayan comes home, the go-to food selection would always be anything Filipino. We just have it in us, the feeling that they have limited time and food choices when abroad. But I was also looking for a less crowded restaurant with a homey vibe. When my daughter and I turned a corner, I saw The Wholesome Table with its earthy rustic appeal. I told myself, they have a yummy Spinach Dip, so maybe there’s a lot more to try.

What to expect when dining in an organic restaurant

Apart from the fact that you are eating organic with only the healthiest ingredients, you’ll also enjoy the usual snacking staple less the guilt. For instance, The Wholesome Table has mac-and-cheese, pizzas and a Truffle burger too. But what made this restaurant a little bit closer to my heart are their Filipino favorites. They have Bistek Tagalog, Caldereta, Chicken Afritada, Sinigang sa Miso and even Bibingka and Puto Bungbong.

The Wholesome Table is like of fusion of popular international dishes. From the Italian food selection to a few Japanese and Korean inspired meals, you almost have an endless variety. However, expect that some of the dishes may have limited serving. I haven’t asked why, but I assume it is to make sure that the ingredients stay as fresh as possible without adding preservatives.

Watch our dinning experience at The Wholesome Table here!

Are we coming back?

I thought I was being an awesome mom until I realized what I’ve been feeding my kid. Thanks to The Wholesome Table, somehow I felt woke! I should be more conscious of what I give my child because whoever said, “You are what you eat.” was right. No one wants to look too processed so, why would I do that to myself and my kid? I hope that answers the question.

No one wants to look too processed so, why would I do that to myself and my kid? It’s time for us to make healthier choices.

The rustic and airy ambience of this restaurant gave the farm-to-table appeal in our dining experience. My kid couldn’t help but to scratch the tree in an attempt to climb it.

Eat consciously. Live consciously. Two things I learned when I searched more about The Wholesome Table, which was ironic because I brought the family at the restaurant unconsciously. And somehow it turned great for us. 

P.S. Of course, Nonna Lina noticed the lack of food enhancers and that the Sinigang sa Miso used tamarind instead of the usual Sinigang mix, which was good news. No one realized that it was an organic restaurant until I blogged about it.

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