How to pull off a surprise birthday celebration in a pandemic

We are approaching the 10-month mark period of our county’s nationwide quarantine. I’m grateful to celebrate four birthdays at home unscathed by this major lockdowns. But, I’m not going to deny the struggles of being cooped up at home for so long. 

We are stirring things up a bit and conclude this year with an intimate celebration of my daughter’s fifth birthday. I planned on taking her to Tokyo Disneyland pre-pandemic situation. But now that our circumstances have changed, though there are several vaccines on-the-way, us here in a developing country like the Philippines, would have to be resourceful to keep us sane. We are all adapting to the longterm effects of the pandemic in our lives.

A month before her birthday, I thought maybe a simple virtual Zoom party would be fun enough for my kid. But since the very reason why I pulled her out from her virtual class was virtual exhaustion, I had to find better ways to celebrate. Fortunately, several parks and places are slowly opening to families with small kids. It’s like the universe heard my plea and decided that the last quarter of the cancelled year would be the best time to have a pool party.

So, I spoke to several hot spring resorts in Los Baños, Laguna after getting a tip from a friend on Facebook. I saw their post having a pool party with bright neon blue lights while playing a karaoke song on a wall and I thought it would be fun! But, when I found out how much it costs to have that same “fun”, it wasn’t that fun anymore. The rental price is just sky-high for an overnight stay, and if you plan on having a day-time pool party, the rates are almost the same.

More about this on the next post, so please stay tuned.

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