What we found at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2020

We almost didn’t attend the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale this year! I’m glad we didn’t miss it.

There are only a few days left before the Big Bad Wolf packs its massive book collection for this season. I bet most of us are wondering if it’s still worth the visit since it started selling discounted books back in 2018.

I considered so many things when my kid and I shopped at the Big Bad Wolf 2020 Book Sale. I looked for safety, book selection, the ideal time slot for the visit and budget (of course). These things require thorough research to gauge the situation well.

Go ahead and see what we found!

Updated social media page to inform and guide the customers

I’m one of those parents who would continuously check Big Bad Wolf’s page to see if it’s worth my time to visit the book sale. And I’m impressed on how they kept their customers safe and informed during the virus threat. They’ve stretched out their good customer-service through constant updates on their Facebook page.

Thermal scanners and sanitizers at the entrance

Even on off-peak hours on a Sunday, their staff were present to check temperatures and distribute a few drops of hand sanitizers.

Book and non-book options for everyone

Last year, I was able to get two books for myself; the rest were for my then-toddler. Our choices were mainly composed of board books, activity books and those big colourful reference books. I’m fond of those ‘Push and Pull’ because it’s entertaining for kids. These books are usually priced at around 300 to 500 Php. Check them out here. Some of these titles are still available this year.

Kerrigan found the “Yuck!” book. It has all sorts of yucky stuff to teach kids about bacteria, virus and germ doodles.

Parents and educators would be delighted with all these Montessori book titles. There were also Montessori-inspired activity boxes. I didn’t get my four-year-old any, but I think if I should go back and get some.

There’s a whole section of non-book items like puzzles, sewing projects, activity boards, science-base projects and more.

We made sure to bring a suitcase. Here’s what’s inside our luggage.

1. Hello World

I love to travel with my kid, and this book helped a lot in explaining things about different countries, languages and places.

2. Cinderella AR book

Last year we got four AR books. We’ve added another one because my daughter kept asking for a Cinderella book. Good thing we waited for a bit and bought an AR version instead. Download the Hippo Magic app to bring the story to life.

3. Humanatomy

My kid enjoys topics about how the human body works. The Humanatomy would be our second book about Human Anatomy. I picked this one because of its beautiful illustrations.

4. Activity and sticker books

These activity books are perfect when travelling or eating out with kids. It keeps them busy without the need for screen time.

5. Tell Me book series

The Tell Me book series answer all sorts of random questions from your kids. I would read it together with my kid and trust me the convo never ends.

Tell Me How? has topics about jobs and how things work

Tell Me What Is That? has topics about science, biology, chemistry, geography and more

6. Curious Questions & Answers about Saving the Earth

With all the things happening around us, I thought it would be best to discuss more our planet Earth. The illustrations are incredibly beautiful.

7. Creative Craft Set: Unicorn and Panda

We had to skip lunch and went for a drive-thru to beat the afternoon traffic. It’s good that there were a few snack bars for hungry shoppers.

The little one asked for a warm chocolate drink with a blueberry muffin from Coffee Bean. I had a cappuccino.

So, are we returning again next year?

Sure. I guess for as long as there’s no threat to health and safety, we can go back.

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