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It was a slow first quarter of 2018 for me, so as soon as we entered the mid-year I took action and got things fired up. There were so many projects in the pipeline, videos to edit and blogs to write but in spite of the projects that I’m working on my daughter is still the top priority.

Ditched the stay-in helper and welcomed the weekly “Ates”

I basically ditched the stay-in helper idea and chose to have somebody clean around the house on a weekly basis. The whole idea is actually a preparation for a smaller home that we will be transferring to a few days from now. It’s also an opportunity to introduce my daughter to do her clean-up time in her room as I do a bit of everything in the house.

Enrolled Kerrigan to a new school

This is one of the most important roles that I think I will have to do well until my daughter is old enough to decide and research on her own, finding the right school for her. We checked at least six schools until we decided that the one she’s enrolled in was, in fact, the right fit for her energetic, playful and witty personality.


Kerrigan’s wound to recovery… and mine

June brought many realizations and gave another aspect of what ‘motherhood’ means. As a mom, thoughts about protecting and inspiring my daughter comes every time and the incident last June presented that opportunity when Kerrigan had an accident. She tripped and hit her chin on a staircase a few feet away from me. Accidents like this are irreversible but I knew I had to do something to make things better for her. So, I reached out to the hotel and demanded them to give back the opportunity for my daughter to have a great time and I’m glad they did. Seeing the scar today, I know it’ll be there for a while until she asks me about it and I’m glad that I have a better story to tell.

Feeling a little sluggish






Building my team and creating products

There were so many learnings when I started getting more people involved with my ventures and this year I made sure that I apply them. I added two more people to the team and thinking about getting more to finally meet my goals. Soon, I’ll be re-launching a product and would be introducing more creations that inspired my journey as a ‘working-hands-on-mom’.

They’ve been generously sharing their time and talents. Super grateful to have them during this very busy month! This is my small team and I’m proud of them.

Doubling the efforts to keep up with the upgraded lifestyle

Safety and comfort, that’s the only reason I have in mind as to why KW’s dad gifted us with Yonzé. Yup, that’s the name of our car because of its “golden girl” kind of vibe. She is stunning with all her safety and smart features! And, yes she’s very high maintenance but instead of getting frustrated I decided to be grateful and upgrade my mindset as well.

Welcoming Yonzé to the family
Beyond the brand, I see how much Kerrigan and I are being taken cared of. Thank you for the gift of safety and comfort.

Moving out. Moving up!

A few days from now, we will be moving to a new place, a condo a few floors from where we will be actually living. So, I guess you could already picture the hassle of finding a new place, packing, decluttering and transferring stuff! I used to hate transferring all the time, bringing a lot of stuff, but not this time. I came to appreciate the different places that I’ve lived in for the past two years since my daughter was born. From a mid-rise to a bungalow and now to a high-rise upscale condo… it’s fantastic!

There are just so many stories to tell from all the experiences and I can’t wait to.tell you more about it!

‘Til the next adventure!


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