Why parents should consider blogging

Hey, have you seen my travel blog series about our 3-day vacation in Boracay back in March? It was the first blog I wrote when I resurrected my website. My friends on Facebook seemed to like the write-up and complimented the photos. The truth is it takes about an hour to edit those travel photos to make the colour tones similar and sharper and another hour to complete the whole blog. And a few minutes on Grammarly, a free writing app, my post is a done!

Sounds like a lot of work, right?

But the stories you share will last a lifetime.

Honestly, although it takes effort to publish a blog, I find it fulfilling to go back to those memories of our vacation on an easy-to-set-up website that I did myself. I could share tips on how I built my website on WordPress or you can create yours today. For now, you can get some ideas on how to write content on your blog here.

If you’re still reading this, then let me convince you further as to why you should start blogging now.
Build a community of parents who share the same values

When I first learned I was pregnant, I read so many parenting blogs. It was like preparing for exams but it helped build my confidence in my pregnancy journey. Other parents’ experiences and tips served as a preview on what I should be expecting as a parent myself. So, way pass that clueless stage, it’s my turn to share my journey through my blog. Parents would always have their unique experiences. There will always be someone who will find comfort into knowing that someone out there who shares the same journey to help a parent or two.

Turn your passion into a profitable venture

There are so many ways to earn a side hustle while pursuing your blogging passion. For one, you could highlight your portfolio featuring your best work so clients and businesses would discover you. Join an affiliate programs to showcase the products that you have personally tried with your community. It allows you to earn a small commission from any purchase you brought to a business without adding cost to your audience. Not enough site visitors yet on your website to earn commission? Try posting your own physical and digital products on your website. Use online advertising to increase your site visitors at the same time enrol your website to ad networks like Google AdSense. I’m currently exploring a similar program called Media.net

Focus on starting a platform that gives.

Elle Anorma
Showcase your expertise

Some of us were actively working on our skills and expertise before we became parents. With a website, we can continue pursuing our passions by starting a platform that reminds us to grow further. Recently, I posted a link of my portfolio on digital marketing and content production on my About page. I also featured a list of services for small business who needs help in digital marketing and coaching to parents who want to thrive in the work-from-home lifestyle. These are some suggestions on what to include apart from your regular posts. 

Feature highlights about your personal life

A blog can feel like an online diary the only difference perhaps is you position the write-up in a way that brings value to your readers. One key ingredient I include on my posts would be the learnings from situations and personal experiences. My daughter’s accident in a hotel was one example. As a parent, we must protect our kids and call out the attention of establishments that may haven’t done enough to make us feel safe. My blog has also been my way to deal with recovery from a vehicular incident that happened to us recently. I lost my car causing inconvenience in managing work and routines as a mom. It caused a lot of stress. Through writing about it somehow, I was able to share others what I’ve learned and guide them through as well.

Be an advocate of something you believe in

My website’s slogan is Thrive the Work-Life integrated lifestyle for the reason that I believe having a career or work while being there with your kids is possible. It’s just a matter of working hard to have a lifestyle based on discipline and respect among family members. Since the birth of my child, I was working continuously to find ways to have an integrated work-life lifestyle. By doing so, I never missed important milestones in her life while earning a living from my side hustle.

from Moz.com article, Is Content Marketing Right for My Business?

While doing my refresher course on content marketing, I found Rand Fishkin’s revelation on his wife’s blog. It took at least two years of regular blogging before the Everyhwereist blog started getting real traffic. So, instead of giving up on the idea, focus on starting a platform that gives.

It might take sometime before we achieve our visions for our website. Sign up on a platform that could get you started with blogging quickly.

You got this!

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Elle Anorma dreams of having a PR and Digital Marketing Agency. After several years working in various Media and Communications companies in the Philippines, she took the steps to pursue her agency dream. With no capital to set up the business, she began the journey as a freelancer hoping to save enough to build her own team. She has worked with global clients for digital marketing projects in the Construction, Food Delivery, Real Estate, and Virtual Assistance to name a few while enjoying occasional trips with her daughter. Today, she aims to inspire parents and other Mompreneurs to continue pursuing their life goals.

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