First ever school entrance exam – is she ready?


After trying online schooling and homeschooling last year, it’s safe to say that my daughter and I are ready to explore other schools. But will she pass her first-ever school entrance exam?

How do you transition from a tight-knit preschool when your kid needs a sense of normalcy and familiarity in this crazy time?

For months, I’ve contemplated whether we should stay in the same school or find a school that fits her learning needs. Because it’s always fun to see familiar faces on Zoom, yes? But when I recalled how my daughter loses interest in familiar lessons or topics, I knew I had to give her something exciting to keep her challenged and engaged.

Before the whole online learning, teachers mentioned that Kerrigan might be a little advance for her age. And although the teachers agreed to give a different worksheet to keep her engaged, it didn’t materialize. When we transitioned to online learning, I saw what the teachers meant when they said “a little advance.” She would finish her worksheet on her own, and to make things glaring; she would say, “This is too easy, Mom!” To add a little bit of difficulty to her worksheets, I would ask my daughter to read the instructions without my help. In a way, it helped improve her reading comprehension at four years old.

To find a better solution, I recently took my daughter to this school that promises a tailored-fit curriculum for preschoolers. The school will adjust the lessons based on my kid’s learning skills which precisely what I was looking for! It didn’t need a lot of convincing to get my kid ready to visit the school. I told her what the school is about and what it could give her. It’s like talking to an old soul with her.

And this is the story on how Kerrigan’s first ever entrance exam went.

Kerrigan took her first ever

school entrance test!

If you want to know if your kid is ready to transition to a new school and take a school’s entrance test, read through the tips below.

Your kid could answer her worksheets independently without requiring assistance

Since my daughter’s worksheets became a lot easier as she progressed in Pre-K, I would let her carry on with her tasks without assistance. She would answer her worksheets by reading the instructions silently while the teacher demonstrates how the worksheet is done. Eventually, she would play with her pencils and colors to entertain herself while others complete theirs. Seeing her complete her worksheets makes me proud, but there’s a sense of guilt because maybe she’s not learning enough from her worksheets anymore.

Your kid could clearly express her thoughts and ideas to other adults

One of the requirements to get admitted to Grade 1 is for a child to show readiness in answering simple interview questions from teachers. When Kerrigan visited the new school, I just sat in the corner and let her do all the talking. The principal asked various questions starting with her name, time, and the book she liked to read during the interview. She answered those questions without looking at me. It was as if I wasn’t in the room with her. The only time she approached me was when she wanted to take a sip of water.

Your kid tends to get disengaged during class but would always give correct answers when asked by her teacher

I would sit beside her during online classes to make sure she focuses on the lesson. But as we continue with online learning, it became harder to convince her to concentrate on her lessons. The teacher would call her name, and I’m worried she may not answer because she would play. Fortunately, she still knows what’s happening in her class, even if she doesn’t look like she’s paying attention at all.

Your kid is asking for something new to include into her usual online class routine

I won’t forget the time when Kerrigan blurted out, “That song again?!”. I felt she’s looking for new songs, new topics, and new activities to learn. So, I signed her up for a trial class at another preschool, and her reactions to the new lessons she was having then were incredible. Her concentration was solid throughout the online course. She was participating during the Q&A with the teacher with a lot of confidence.

Your kid would tell you straight that she knows the lessons (and she does)

This is the clearest indication that your child is ready to try a curriculum from a different school; she would tell you that she knows the lessons already. So, our job is to give them something that would challenge them to think and learn while having fun.

If it sounds like your kid, then maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit. Talk to the teacher if it’s possible to have a different curriculum or consider finding a school willing to adjust lessons for your kid.

Kerrigan plays Jenga with her teacher
May 6, 2021


“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” – Tolkien

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