A quick side-trip to the Clark Safari and Adventure Park


How do you blend work and play on a quick out-of-town trip – combine work and play and take your kid to Clark Safari and Adventure Park!

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  1. Where is Clark Safari and Adventure Park located?
  2. How much is the ticket and what is the best time to visit Clark Safari and Adventure Park?
  3. How to go around the Clark Safari and Adventure Park?
  4. What are the other attractions available at the park?
  5. What to bring to the Clark Safari and Adventure Park?
  6. Where to stay when touring around Clark Pampanga?
  7. Check out our other staycation at Diamond Hotel Residences
  8. And finally, are we returning to Clark Safari and Adventure Park?

As much as I want to spend more time traveling with my daughter, my other passion can get in the way. Thankfully, the remote work setup allows me to go on a random side-trip to a safari adventure during my lunch break! How cool is that, right? Well, we didn’t exactly drove a two-hour trip to be in Clark Safari and Adventure Park on the same day. We had to stay in a nice hotel with a South Korean flare and be at the zoo in less than five minutes, literally stone’s throw away.

Where is Clark Safari and Adventure Park located?

The Clark Safari and Adventure Park is a 40-hectare property that houses around 1,500 species. It’s located in 67 Jose Abad Santos, Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga. So, if you are from the South of Luzon, it will probably take you two to three hours to get to Pampanga by car. Don’ worry! The road trip to the North is much shorter if you take the Metro Manila Skyway to get to Pampanga. But if your option is to travel by public transportation, you have several P2P bus choices at Genesis Transport. However, you might need to take another ride or two to get to the park because the park is 19 minutes away from the city’s centre.

How much is the ticket and what is the best time to visit Clark Safari and Adventure Park?

You can get your tickets as a walk-in guest but when you are travelling with kids, it’s wise to get things ready when you can! There are online ticketing services that allows any busy parents to prepare everything in advance, including buying tickets ahead of time.

Go to Klook.com, search for Clark Safari and Adventure Park, book your tickets and purchase them via credit or debit card.

10 am on Friday turned out to be the ideal time to go. No lines in the ticket booth, and the entire park was nearly empty. It felt like we rented the whole place for a few hours. And that’s because no one was ready to fry under the mid-morning Sun! It was warm but still bearable because of the cool breeze from the hills. My tip is to bring umbrellas, hats, extra clothing, portable fans, sunscreen, and lots of water in an insulated water bottle.

Ticket prices: 499 for Adults and 399 for Kids

Skip the line and go straight to the good part. Get your tickets in advance on Klook!

Not so bad for a quick city getaway, right?

How to go around the Clark Safari and Adventure Park?

As we entered the park, my mommy instincts quickly looked for a map to guide us around to make sure we could cover all areas. But since the park is relatively new, I guess they are still figuring out things, including having a map for the guests. Efficiently, the park attendee we asked pointed us at the nearest entry, Kerrigan, and I called the Turtle Bridge. You’ll know you are at the Turtle Bridge when you see a sign that says “Turtle Crossing” with colorful turtles all lined up, ready to cross. But they were just statues looking cute. From there, we followed the path until we reached the reptile enclosure.

“These are statues, Mom!

Where are the real animals?”

Spoiler: There were no elephants, giraffes and hippos in Clark Safari and Adventure Park, so manage your child’s expectations.

There was no way my daughter was stopping for a photo. The turtles were much more interesting to her. At Clark Safari and Adventure Park, they have about three or five enclosures for these slow-moving creatures.

We paid Php 50 for the feeds. But really, what we paid for was the experience!

We stayed for a few minutes feeding the goats, sheep, and ponies. I also sprinkled some pellets on a gaggle of geese in this deep enclosure. I’m hoping the park would have a better place for the geese as the murky puddle smells unpleasant, not sure if the geese were having an awesome time. Meanwhile, in a different enclosure, the bunnies, scurried at the sight of food. While the turkeys were mostly chill in their cage. I guess they are not hungry or looking for something else other than the pellets.

Eventually, we ran out of feeds, so we went straight to the next enclosure. Clark Safari and Adventure Park were big on arks, statues, and murals. So, when the entryway displayed a massive gorilla head, I expected there would be gorillas or at least all sorts of monkeys. But nope, there were wild big cats and dogs like Bengal Tigers, Lioness, Leopard, Wolves, Hyenas, and Bears. There were Baboons, too, and another species of monkeys.

I love that the park put a lot of effort into the enclosures’ design. Some had boulders resembling the natural habitat of the animals. You could see the grass growing wild, making it a perfect hideout from the onlookers like us.

Too bad, the animals were on their mid-day nap so almost no one was awake to say hi.

What are the other attractions available at the park?

Aside from seeing different safari animals, turtles and pigeons, and feeding barn animals, you could also have a photo op while feeding the Tiger cubs. We are fortunate to see one of the two cubs at the Clark Safari and Adventure Park. There was Raven, a three-month-old Bengal Tiger cub. She was pretty big for three months, to be honest. When I saw her, my mind recalled old NatGeo shows I’ve seen. But I was more blown away when I saw their White Tiger cub. I forgot the name, though. She was the size of full grown Golden Retriever! It was scary and crazy! I can’t help but think of those shows about predators grabbing their prey by the neck. So, after seeing the massive White Tiger cub, Kerrigan and I went to have our photos taken with the smaller cub for PhP 500 and PhP 200 for an additional photo. Kerrigan was happy to have such close encounter with a Tiger cub, she actually asked for another one with the White Tiger cub but I refused. Not that I want to scare her, but I think another Php 500 for another picture with a cub was a bit too much.

These are one of the special moments when I see my daughter’s eyes light up with excitement. Just in her happiest moment, when she held a Tiger cub.

I’ve seen other blogs of people taking photos with an Albino Python. Not that I’m interested in doing that, but I didn’t see the snake. We did see some live bird display of Scarlet Macaw, Parrots, and Parakeet perched on a piece of stick on a tropical forest mural. And because we didn’t have cash, I had to convince Kerrigan that a simple photo was more than enough.

Your child can also take photos while riding a miniature pony, we just settled for the Zebra because I didn’t have Php 150 with me. Good thing Kerrigan was happy with just the placeholder ride! I think she said, “At least the saddle is real, Mom!”.

Are you ready to get your tickets? Check out other attractions below, too.

Get your Clark Safari and Adventure Park tickets.

Klook it for a chance to get special discount.

What to bring to the Clark Safari and Adventure Park?

Without hesitation, the number one on the list would be an umbrella. Sure a cap or a hat might help, but you will still sweat a lot. We were just fortunate enough because the Clark breeze was cool enough to let us finish the whole tour. But, without my insulated water bottle, keeping our water cold even under the Sun, I don’t think Kerrigan would be that happy to continue the tour. You can also bring your snacks, but snack bars like Potato Corner, Tender Juicy hotdog stand, and small stores were also there to take your order.

To keep memories forever, bring a nice camera with you. I bought my daughter her first-ever real camera, MyFirst Camera, which can take 16mp resolution and Full HD videos. It’s also lightweight!

Where to stay when touring around Clark Pampanga?

There are several hotels and resorts near the Clark Safari and Adventure. We stayed at Hilton Sun Valley Hotel and Resort, less than five minutes from the park. But there are other options too. Use the widget on the right to check available hotels on your preferred booking date.

What is it like to be a joey for a second?

Our Clark Safari & Adventure Park vlog

And finally, are we returning to Clark Safari and Adventure Park?

Absolutely, yes! Not only because we want to support the animals there but also because I want to see how well they are taking care of those animals. I will keep on taking advantage of this moment that Kerrigan is little and support her passion for animal care and welfare.

Whew! That was a long story.

Catch you on my next blog!

Clark Safari and Adventure Park | July 2022
A quick photo before meeting Raven, the Bengal Tiger cub!

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” – Tolkien

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