Our Conrad Hotel Manila staycation experience


It’s considered a luxury whenever we get a chance to leave the house for something nice! So, we are taking you to our Conrad Hotel Manila staycation experience for a cruise-ship-like treat!

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  3. Check out our other staycation at Diamond Hotel Residences

Whether you are looking for affordable hotel staycation in Manila or looking to splurge a bit, Conrad Hotel Manila is something to consider for next Manila hotel staycation. Conrad Hotel sits in front of the rehabilitated Manila Bay. It faces the beautiful sunset, so you have nothing less but a view of the dusty blue waters of the bay in the morning and a warm setting sun before evening. Its proximity to the bay and its edgy diagonal architecture preludes a cruise ship experience. But it was not just the reason why I enjoyed our stay there. Conrad Hotel is connected to two major malls in the Philippines and sits right in front of a restaurant strip. On top of that, Conrad is within arm’s reach of an amusement park and a Ferris Wheel. 

Like most hotels in Manila, Conrad Hotel has several hotel room options for those looking for a hotel staycation in the city. We were blessed to receive a hotel staycation treat from my daughter’s Tita Doc. It was a 40 sqm King Deluxe Room with a pool view. The room itself was spacious enough. It has a window seat with a C-side table, big enough to double as a second bed.

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Not so bad for a quick city getaway, right?

The 40sqm room was big enough for two adults and a kid. It has a window seat with a C-side table. It’s big enough to double as a second bed. So, you can easily bring your work and online school with you when staying at Conrad’s, just like what my two roommates did during our staycation. Kerrigan found her area with a small C-side table for her online class, while her dad had the full-size table for his online meetings.

I think Kerrigan’s wondering when she can go out to meet new friends and swim before the sun sets.

While everyone was busy with their online stuff, I had a chance to explore the bathroom area. Like most hotel rooms with less than 50 sqm space, the King Deluxe room at Conrad hotel Manila had its bathroom along the foyer. It had a barn-type door that opened to a separate bath and toilet area, which I thought was practical for a family of three. You can use the bath area while the other uses the toilet area enclosed in a smokey glass door. It would have been nice if they had a nice tub instead of just a rain shower head with that jet massager shower head.

As for the room amenities, there was a tall coffee and tea cabinet with all the essential tea and coffee kit. At one point, Kerrigan playfully hid below it because it was tall enough for her to snuck in. Nothing was spectacular about it, but I enjoyed the fragrant Jasmin tea.

Before our staycation, I thought about locations to film her graduation dance. I had no final theme yet, so it was last-minute when we decided to shoot several parts of the dance in the hotel. Thankfully, my daughter agreed to the idea of her dancing in the lobby, hotel room, and poolside. Eventually, she chose the version in our hotel room.


The poolside had a generous lounging capacity for those who wanted to bake under the Manila Sun. Conrad Hotel Manila has cabanas and lounge chairs spread around the pool area, so hawk-parents like me have a 180 view of the entire pool.

Not sure what to look for in your next hotel staycation? Check out: Things to look for in a hotel family room.

Things to do at Conrad Hotel Manila

If there’s anything we love about our Conrad hotel Manila staycation, it would be the convenience of having a hallway directly connected to shopping malls. You can tour the Mall of Asia; it has everything you might need or visit Lakbay Museo at S’Maison. You can check out my review of Lakbay Museo a couple of years ago in this blog. We have yet to check The Dessert Museum at S’Maison, though. I heard it has all sorts of sweet art displays that you can hold. But, if the hotel staycation is all you want, Conrad Hotel has the essentials for you and your family. They have a spa, gym, and a decent-sized pool for kids and adults.

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Klook it to get discounts.


The 40sqm King Deluxe room is normally around 18,000 a night. But if you book in advance, you might get it at less than 10,000 per night. Choose your Conrad Hotel room here.

Let’s talk food at Conrad Hotel Manila

If my memory serves me right, I think Conrad Hotel Manila had the most offering of cuisines worldwide. All hotels we’ve been to had super delicious food, but our Conrad Hotel Manila staycation rose the bar higher when they served unlimited Ube ChamporadoTaho and Halo Halo!

For a heads, children seven and above are no longer included in the free buffet breakfast. We almost had to pay separate for Kerrigan’s fruit bowl and cereals.

Our Conrad Hotel breakfast table

We also tried Conrad Hotel’s In-room dining. Everything can be ordered through their infotainment system (or TV), but you can still call using their phone, if you’re all about that human connection.

If you are a little lazy to go out, you can opt for an in-room dining experience. But, expect that your usual pancake orders might cost double their usual price. We ordered pancakes, salad, and salmon in a cream sauce for about 3,000.00 Php. I’m so glad they gave us some bread!

Manila has so many things to offer for parents or solo-parent with children. Check out our weekday field trip at Manila Ocean Park or get travel inspiration at Lakbay Museo, link to those two blogs are below.

Check out our other staycation at Diamond Hotel Residences

How to book your Conrad Hotel Manila Staycation

I prefer to book our Manila hotel accommodations directly to the hotel. But, if there are any opportunities to snatch great discounts, then count me in! I found some good deals at Agoda at almost 50% OFF. You can check Philippine hotels in Manila here.

I was the lifeguard on duty
Just kidding! Conrad Hotel Manila has several kayak lifeguard’s walking around. I was just quick to take a photo while they were patrolling the pool area. Isn’t it cute!

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” – Tolkien

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