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Shopping for groceries used to be a happy bonding experience with my daughter a year ago. But these days, I’m going solo.

The last time I took my daughter to shop for groceries was when we bought relief goods for the victims of Taal volcano eruption. She was happy to organize the food inside the shopping cart, and I’m glad I could vlog that time. Today, we do video calls while she’s at home while I’m at the grocery. 

How about you? How did your grocery shopping change since the pandemic?

It’s that time of the week for grocery shopping at Landers. But I’m no longer buying everything at Landers only when I’m bored shopping for the usual meals and in the mood to try something new. Most of the time, I shop at the nearest and cheapest grocery store. It’s convenient and time-efficient. But today, I’m taking you with me to Landers.

Join my grocery shopping today and let’s travel the world through food!

I enjoy seeing imported goods worldwide because it’s the closest “travel experience” we could have these days. Seeing those Pink Himalayan Salts on the shelves excites the hell out of me. It’s entertaining to catch a glimpse of the world through those products. One of the downsides is that it’s making budgeting our grocery money a bit challenging.

But, since we want to air in the side of caution, I’m sharing the online grocery services available in Metro Manila. I have tried some of these services, and I’m willing to try a new online grocery service. If only the waiting list or payment portal isn’t glitchy these days, I’d be using these services more often.

Here are some of the online grocery shopping platforms


I can’t help but remember Lazada’s ongoing Youtube ad campaign jingle. It goes “Na… na… na… na… nasa Lazada ‘yan.” which roughly translates to “it’s at Lazada.” The ad is saying whatever you need is available in their e-commerce platform for full context. And true enough, they do have the grocery service, too! I like the idea of shopping for groceries at Lazada because of the flash sale and discounts even for groceries and other essential items. If you have a Lazada account, you can find the grocery items here.



The Grab delivery service isn’t just for food and express delivery. They have GrabMart which caters to grocery shopping and deliveries for bulk orders. And of course, there is ‘GrabExpress Pabili’ ideal for errands or those items you forgot to include in your grocery. Add the shop location, a list of what you need, and the estimated cost. We’ve tried ordering two 6L of water bottles, and they got delivered within an hour. It was a fast delivery; however, the service and delivery charge was a bit pricey.

source: GRABMART


Shopee has made their e-commerce as versatile as possible. Not only do they have a home appliance, gadget, and beauty products, they also offer grocery shopping via ShopeeMart. Just like Lazada, Shopee has a lot of vouchers to choose from to get more bang from your buck.

As much as I enjoy my shopping trips at Landers, their online grocery store is still the safest way to shop. However, people opt to have their groceries delivered because of the extended lockdown, which means it takes 3 to 5 days before orders get delivered these days. But, don’t sweat! There are other options for online delivery services in Manila. Check out the different options below.


I’ve been using the MetroMart delivery service since 2017, when I was still new to the whole work-from-home lifestyle. I wanted to manage my time better by availing services like grocery shopping and delivery. Back then, the items were limited, but the delivery was fast. They could deliver the items to your doorstep within the day or the next day at the most. Today, MetroMart offers grocery shopping to five of the most popular groceries in Manila and 40 other retailers to cater to our growing demands for on-demand grocery services.


PureGo is the newest online grocery delivery player in town. Since it’s new, customers on social media have been airing their concerns regarding delivery schedules, refund requests, and so on. I would probably give this on-demand delivery service a few more months to get its system on track before trying its service. Based on the customers’ comments on Facebook, I feel like they are too overwhelmed with the current high demand for grocery delivery services.

SM may not be the first to jump into the online shopping caravan, but they are catching up with tons of products under its wing! However, the website took a little more time to load, and the products were not updated. So, I still prefer to visit the supermarket to get the things I need instead of stressing incomplete stock. But, I’ll consider online grocery shopping at SM Markets in a few months.


If there was ever a contest for the cutest branding in online grocery shopping, Pick.a.roo will win, no question! I mean, they have a unicorn for a mascot and all this rainbow-themed marketing copy. It’s just so adorable! Unfortunately, my shopping experience while using their app was not as cute. I wasn’t able to complete the checkout process. After I’ve logged the credit card details, the app just froze on me. I had to repeat the whole food selection process at least thrice until I gave up. But I heard successful online shopping experience from my friends in Laguna, so I guess the unicorn isn’t keen on delivering some rainbows in this part of the city just yet.

source: PICKAROO

There are so many obvious benefits to online shopping. We are not only keeping the community safe by staying at home and providing a source of income to others. So, whenever possible, let’s take advantage of these online grocery shopping services.

Are you ready to try online grocery shopping? Try online grocery shopping at Lazada or Shopee’s.

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