Here’s why we all need a puppy this year

As much as we want to cancel 2020, it cancelled us first! So, instead of folding we are ending this year the cutest way possible.

For some weird reason, I was binge-watching dog training tutorials for over a month until finally, the opportunity pops in Messenger. My long-time friend gave us a new pet, and it’s a puppy!

Finally, after having so many dog plush toys, my daughter is getting her puppy! I am excited and nervous and happy and stressed out! It was a mix of emotions and a nagging threat of picking up a lot of dog poop!

Here’s us meeting our furry friend!

To give us the confidence and get us into the right path of taking care of a furry friend, I started learning more about dogs. And here are my favorites.


Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer

I had bad experiences with dogs, and I’ve been a little scared of them. By watching Cesar Millan’s dog training videos first, my fears were addressed right away. No sugar coating whatsoever. Having a dog is a huge responsibility and by knowing this first hand helped me get into the right headspace. But still, it wasn’t easy to watch snapping angry dogs on a screen, right? Good thing Cesar Millan’s training always ended with a tamed happy dog.


Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

I’ve watched Zak’s new puppy dog training series so many times I know exactly when and where his promotions are coming out on his training videos. This guy is always promoting a product over and over. And as much as I want to make a purchase, I can’t because of expensive shipping fees. But kudos to Zak’s easy and stress-free training sessions, makes me feel I can handle dog training too.


It’s Me or the Dog

I discovered Victoria’s dog training videos on Facebook and hers was on the intense side. And I think I spent more watch-time binging on her videos until I had enough. The human-pooch drama can really hook anyone so watch with caution!


Brandon McMillan Teaches Dog Training in MasterClass

My MasterClass subscription is super worth every penny! I have everything I needed to help me with this blog and now with our dog. Brandon McMillan’s dog training videos felt like live training sessions because it shows the audience the whole process of turning a clueless dog into an obedient fur friend.

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