How we celebrated Halloween in 2020

We’ve been in quarantine since March, and we have about four different levels of quarantine. And none of these restrictions allowed us to our usual lifestyle. Surprisingly, we have learned to cope and make the most of the whole situation.

We had our usual costume day. And my kid was happy enough to have at least three choices for Halloween. But since there are no physical events, we got a Gothic Vampire costume at a discounted price. Not bad, right?

My daughter’s school prepared a little something for the students too. They gave away a cookie painting set during a Halloween Drive-By wherein the kids were able to meet and greet their teachers while observing physical distancing. Eventually, the kids painted their cookies together during their online class and showcased their costumes too.

Our celebration was far from what we usually have in the previous years, but I think we did well in making our quarantine Halloween fun and memorable.

Check out our Halloween Drive-By 2020 edition!

When I was a kid, I love wearing costumes too. And the selections today are far from what I used to have when I was a kid. Too bad I didn’t get to save any photos or videos from way back. Luckily, with my kid, she has tons of pictures and videos to go back to. And I encourage you to do the same.

Wondering how I was able to convince my kid to wear cute Halloween costumes?

Read my tips below because remember they are only this small once. 😉


Start them young with a comfy costume

I remember having this ultra-comfy Nemo jumpsuit from Singapore months before Kerrigan was born. I said to myself; she’ll be wearing it as soon as it fits her and have a fantastic time in the pool. And you know what, we did just what I have envisioned it. The whole experience of wearing a costume was comfortable because the material was good. And the poolside playtime made it extra!


Show previous photos of your baby wearing a costume and make it a storytelling time session with them

Nothing beats the experience of reliving a fun moment with your kid! It has always been my strategy to encourage her to try new things. You can also show videos of kids wearing fun costumes. So, when you do make sure to smile and laugh as you tell her stories. It boosts the good vibes!


Turn the costume-wearing activity into a collaborative effort

You may have an idea or a list of costumes to try but before you let your kid squeeze into those cute costumes make sure to give them a chance to pick what they like. When my daughter was 3, she knew exactly what she wants, and that was an Elsa costume. Instantly, she became one of the many Frozen characters at the Halloween parade, but that’s okay. You can always work with her to try other costumes with her approval, of course.

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