We took our four-month-old baby to her first airplane ride to Cebu

A look back to our trip to the capital of the Southern Philippines

My daughter was four months old when we took her on our first out-of-town trip to Cebu. It was the perfect timing. We both have adjusted well enough with each other. We have established a routine that works for both of us. The trip was easy with her being so calm and happy all the time.

She loves the water ever since. Here’s Kerrigan enjoying a dip in the pool.

“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was about to happen.”

– A. A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

How we started our day in Alcoy Cebu

Our cottage opens up to this beautiful sea view in Alcoy. The lounge area gave us a magnificent view of the property. You could see people sailing on their small boat from the balcony while others walk around on the beach. It was a fantastic view. Since there were recliners in the balcony and dining set on the porch, I took the time to give my baby a quick sunbathing session for an early morning dose of Vitamin D.

The view from our cottage

Our cottage had a dining set perfect for having breakfast while enjoying the view of the sea. After breakfast, we head out to meet a family friend staying in a nearby private resort. It was a 5-minute drive or a 30-minute walk from us, so we had to ask the front desk to arrange a ride for us. They gave us a big van with a daily rate to use for the entire day. It made our trip a lot easier and convenient.

For our day trip, I packed three pieces of diapers, distilled bottled water and bottles for feeding, one set of clothes, wipes, baby carrier, cloth cover and a baby hat.

Vacation Tip #1

Babies skin could be too sensitive to sunscreens and sunblock. Instead of applying anything on their delicate skin bring a hat and breathable cloth cover to protect them from sun exposure.

A morning swim at Villa Rosa Resort

Villa Rosa Resort, a 5-minute drive from our resort

We met our Russian family friends at Villa Rosa Resort. It was a delight to see a clean pool in the property. The owner was lovely to let us take our daughter for a swim. If I remember it correctly, it was my daughter’s first time swimming, so I was cautious not to overwhelm her. I slowly dipped her feet in the water and gradually soak her until she got the hang of it. Before I know it, she was gliding in the water like a fry. It was too cute. Eventually, it’s like watching a baby otter chilling in the pool.

Our little girl curled up on her back like a baby otter swimming in the pool. We were laughing a lot, enjoying the whole moment with our baby. We got a waterproof Canon digital camera and a selfie stick to take snapshots of our family travel.

Vacation Tip #2

Swimming is fun with your baby there’s no doubt about that, but you must know when it’s time for your baby to rest. Head to the shade as soon as the sun becomes too strong on your baby’s delicate skin.

After 30 minutes of swimming, it was time for my little Kerrigan to take her mid-morning milk and for us to order our lunch. I let my baby’s swimsuit to dry in the sun and got her on clean and light clothes ideal for warm Summer weather in Cebu.

We visited Tumalog Falls in the afternoon

Cebu is known for its many waterfalls from drape-like falls of Tumalog to majestic showstopper waterfalls of Aguinid to name a few. It took us around 10 to 15 minutes of walk to reach the Tumalog falls. Unfortunately, the waterfall was dry in April, so all we had was a cool breeze coming from the lush foliage surrounding the streams leading to the famous waterfall.

Tumalog Falls was dry in April, but that didn’t stop us from having a beautiful family photo while our little trooper was feeling comfy and secure in her Chicco baby carrier. She was calm and happy as always it is as if she was one of the locals there.

My little amore was wearing an H&M hat and a two-piece swimsuit from Chicco.

We head back to our resort by mid-afternoon

After spending the entire morning outdoors, it was time for my baby to have her long afternoon nap in our resort. We head back to Voda Krasna by mid-afternoon to let my daughter take her usual two hour nap time. It helped her get into her daily routine, which was essential to keep her happy and well-rested. It was also a time for us parents to recharge or catch up with work.

Vacation Tip #2

When bringing a baby in a week-long vacation, it’s crucial to have a laid-back itinerary with lots of room to take afternoon naps on a comfortable bed.

A few more reminders when taking your baby for an out-of-town trip:

  1. Choose a hotel or resort that has transport services for your family’s convenience.
  2. Bring a whole box of formula milk if you are mix feeding. At four months, my milk supply was almost gone so I always carry a handy formula dispenser for quick mixing, distilled water bottle and at least three milk bottles.
  3. As soon as you reach the hotel, request for a bowl of hot or warm water to soak your used milk bottles. You could also double check their supply of distilled water to ensure you won’t run out of supply.
  4. Keep your usual routines at home to not disrupt your baby’s normal daily routines. Take meals and naps on schedule and be watchful of your baby’s temperament.
  5. Bring enough clothes and supplies for the whole family but make sure to carry only the essentials with you for a hassle-free trip. For us, we got one baby bag that has the diaper, milk bottles and cloth cover and another bag that has the rest of our stuff in it.

Check out my hotel review of Voda Krasna in Alcoy Cebu because it could be the perfect hotel resort for your family too.

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