What we did for a weekend in Baguio

Kerrigan in the pine trees

A few days ago, I shared a story on how I am currently handling my fears from a recent car incident in Baguio. I didn’t want to give an impression that Baguio is an unsafe place. I have been in the city of pines for several times and those moments were awesome. I just didn’t know it could become even better with my daughter.

For the weekend getaway, I brought one luggage and a backpack to carry just the essentials like my Canon M50 which unfortunately I forgot to put in my bag, so all photos and videos were taken using iPhone. The pictures had a decent quality that was made better with Adobe Lightroom.

Bring the essentials for a weekend in Baguio

Kerrigan met her new toys from New Zealand

Aside from our pyjamas, two sets of panglakad (outdoor wear), and a towel (just in case the rented AirBnB home has no enough towels for everyone), my daughter brought her new toys to Baguio too. But that’s not all, I knew we were going to be outdoors most of our stay there, so I brought our sunglasses, caps and some light jackets to avoid sunburns. I just hoped we brought mud-proof shoes or boots because the other places we went to was muddy.

Enjoy a pasta party at Amare La Cucina

Instead of the usual 10hr trip to Baguio, we only had a four-hour drive to the Summer capital of the Philippines. All thanks to the newly constructed TPLEX, an 88km expressway that connects Tarlac, Pangasinan and La Union, the trip was cut short for more than half. But just the same, the four drive was still a long drive, and we were all starving when we got to the city. Luckily, there was Amare La Cucina to satisfy our cravings for pasta.

Join the grandma’s trip in the night market

After dinner, everyone was in the mood for a night market trip. Kerrigan and I couldn’t miss the chance to visit the wet market with the grandmas, so we tagged along with them. We got longganisa, eggs, and ingredients for a Sinigang for breakfast the following day, which by the way was a huge saving for a group with ten people with a little one.

Grab a chance to ride a horse in the morning

Kerrigan had been raving about riding horses ever since she learned about them. Her first horse ride was in Sta. Elena Farm and the Wright Park Horse Stable Hill in Baguio would be her second time as a little rider.

Have a photo-op with a St. Bernard

If your toddler/pre-schooler is a dog lover just like Kerrigan, then don’t miss out a photo-op with a St. Bernard. I swear she wanted to bring home the big dog with us just by looking at how she was in the photos.

There were a bunch of Igorot headdresses for tourist to try. We picked this red headdress to go with her fluorescent pink dress from H&M. She really looked like a local here, so cute!

Go plant shopping

There are plant stalls anywhere you go and they were all beautiful! I brought home four succulents, Wandering Jew, herbs like Rose Mary, Lavender and Mint, Bonsai and a Tiger Orchid. And I could have gotten more if only I had space in the car and a spot for all of them in the house.

Those plants were insanely affordable. If only I had a pick-up truck, I would get loads of them to Manila.

Bring home some strawberries from the farm

For 600 Pesos per kilo, you will get to experience what it’s like to harvest some strawberries from a farm. To fully enjoy the Farmville-like experience, be sure to wear mud-proof and slip-free shoes because some areas in the farm were muddy from irrigation and afternoon rains.

The weather could get really warm and sunny so wear something light but with long sleeves to protect your skin from sunburn. After an hour long of strawberry picking in the farm, grab a cup of ice cream by the parking area or shop for fresh fruits and vegetables.

La Trinidad, Benguet Strawberry Farm

Drop by at the Bistro by Hill Station for lunch

The Gising Gising dish was delicious so as the Sizzling Tofu and the breakfast meal that I got for my daughter. Bistro by the Hill Station is a must-try restaurant, no doubt!

Be one with nature

When you’re in Baguio, there’s no way you should miss to walk in the pine trees. It just felt like we were in a jungle. There’s a field of pine trees just around the Ayala Land Technohub. All you need is a camera and a convincing power to persuade your little one to smile for the photos.

There’s only one thing left to do when you are in a field… run!

If you’re a parent, you will do anything to make your kid happy, and that includes running in the field with her like a crazy bear in the woods.

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