How to stay productive at home

In the first week of the quarantine, group chatting became our hub for socializing. Virtual tours to museums, books, and learning sites gave us a free access to their virtual libraries. All of a sudden we could try a digital product for free!

It was a dream for those hoping for a positive turnout in their new life at home. But it’s a prelude to what’s coming to all of us. Here are some tips on how we can stay productivity despite being cooped up at home.

Free online learning resources

When you are staying home with your kids, you’d be relying heavily on free online resources to keep up with your new role as a homeschooling parent . Your best bet is to combine fun learning materials with age-appropriate curriculum. I’ve been getting inspiration from animated educational sites like BrainPop and answering worksheets from GreatSchools and

Level up your productivity at home by listening to free and discounted audiobook subscriptions

I’ve always combined my home chores with my favourite podcast audio show. It’s the next best thing to continue learning while sorting stuff at home. My favourite would be Spotify and Scribd because I could listen to any ebooks and podcasts without the audio ads. But if you’re more inclined to listen to music, Spotify is offering a prepaid plan that might appeal to you. 

Scribd is an e-book and audiobook subscription platform.”


Share access to virtual tour from any arts and science museum all over the world

Staying home for weeks cooped up with our kids has become our new norm. While our movements are restricted, we are lucky that learning through educational tours doesn’t end at home. Thanks to these museums, our kids are free to access museum tours – virtually! I can’t help but make a mental note of all the arts and science museum that I will be visiting with Kerrigan as soon as this pandemic is over.

Take advantage of new services from your favourite online retail store

I usually order groceries from Metro Mart, but since the demand for online grocery shopping has increased significantly, I resorted to getting the supplies myself. Fortunately, some online retail stores like Lazada and Shopee have added the essentials in their line of online shopping service.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle at home

My weight has been rapidly growing since the quarantine started in March. When I gained 6kg more, I knew things has to change now before it changes me! Aside from cutting back the sugar intake and skipping the creamer for my coffee, I’m also adding a workout routine that I can do at home. Many home-friendly workouts don’t require that bulky and expensive gym equipment. Yoga and Pilates are my favorites, but you could also try Shadow Boxing, Dance Cardio or Tabata, a high burning HIIT workout.

Stay home. Stay safe.


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