Mom-daughter commute experience at Sentosa Island


A few weeks ago, I shared my trip to Singapore with my three-year-old daughter. It was the farthest (and sweatiest) field trip we’ve been to so far!

I’m not a carnival-goer (or perya) growing up. Carnivals are fun but it’s not a do-or-die thing for me. BUT when I saw an event post about a Pokémon parade in Singapore, knowing that my three-year-old is a huge fan, we just had to go!

Finally, we experienced what it’s like to attend a children’s carnival and a Pokémon parade!

I decided to go for it even though it meant travelling solo with an active toddler. Somehow it kept me away from worries and anxieties from losing our Golden Toothless last June. It also helped me to regain my focus to working on creating content for my personal blog and parenting website.

If you’re planning to go on an adventure without your kid, you will benefit from the things we learned on this trip.

How we got there

In our case, Singapore is the easiest country to travel to. It has a transportation system that lets you go around the city within just a few minutes, so commuting is so easy. But since Kerrigan and I was on a tight schedule, I decided to hail a taxi from Gardens by the Bay to Harbourfront Tower II for a cable car ride going to Sentosa Island. It’s just a shame that Kerrigan missed the full 360 view of the island for a power nap. But just the same, it was excellent for me. I had a short time to contemplate how crazy it was to be hoisted hundreds of feet from the ground. While I was vlogging, I felt a bit panicky. I had to think about other things like how to get to Sentosa Cove from the cable car station on the island.

There is a Shuttle Bus ready to take you anywhere on the island. Since there was an event, the Shuttle Bus ride was free for the entire 15 days. It took us about two bus rides before we arrived at Sentosa Cove. The good thing was that everything I brought with us was light enough to be carried around.

What to bring when commuting in Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island has everything you need from restaurants, convenience store, hotels, theme parks and more. All you have to bring is a bag of your essentials. For my daughter and me, this is what I brought with us:

  • Canon M50 for vlogging
  • Gorilla Tripod
  • Ashworthy lightweight umbrella stroller
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Bottled water
  • Snacks

Tips when commuting with your child

Commuting with a child is always challenging, but there’s a workaround to have an awesome time with your kid even when things are getting crazy. In the beginning, Kerrigan and I were in an excellent mood. But as the day progress, we were getting exhausted. So, consider taking short breaks from travelling. Let your kid take her power nap on a lightweight stroller. And as soon as she’s awake, you could entertain her with an idea of getting her snacks from the 7/11 store. Kerrigan was happy to pick a banana, bottled water and an egg toy from the shelves on her own.

How to get to VivoCity from Sentosa Island

There are so many ways to return to VivoCity. Take a taxi ride when you are in a hurry to get to VivoCity or enjoy another cable car ride going back to Harbourfront Tower II if you prefer to enjoy a beautiful view of the city. There’s also an option to take Sentosa Express when you are on a tight budget. With just a few dollars for adults and a free ride for kids three-year-old below, your commute will be a breeze.

One thing I learned about travelling with my daughter was to tell her stories about the place we’re going to. Explain to her how you’ll get there, what she should expect and how she should behave throughout the journey. This is why travelling with her was always easy because we always talk about everything. It lessens the chances of us getting bored on a trip at the same time it teaches her about people and places we travel to.


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