Voda Krasna, a relaxing workation for new parents

A throwback to our three-day stay in Voda Krasna, a serene and modern beach resort in Alcoy, Cebu

Flying from Manila to Cebu takes more than an hour. How I managed to take another two hours and a half land journey to get to Voda Krasna with a four-month-old baby and a travel buddy that hates the idea of travelling is a complete mystery to me up to this day.

How we got there

Voda Krasna is a beach resort in the farthest (almost) end of Cebu. It’s just a few more minutes away from Oslob, a famous spot for whale shark watching. So, by taking a 100km journey to get there made sense to us since it’s closer to many tourist spots. If it weren’t for the land transfer provided by the beach resort, I don’t think we could visit that part of Cebu. Yes, it was a long journey, but as soon as we got there, we knew that it was all worth it.

Our villa had a beautiful view of the sea

The beach resort has a wide driveway that opens to its bar lounge area. You could get an idea on how big the place is in their website’s galleries here. There’s also a huge lawn perfect for parties and events. I remember there was a catering service for a team building function on our third day there. They had a white party tent, some chairs and tables and food table set up enough for a large group of guests.

Our Villa was like our home away from home

Before I start raving about how nice and cosy our Villa was let me tell you this, you really don’t need a huge space to stay in during a vacation if you are vacationing with friends. Most of the time you will be out in the sea or trekking your way to the steepest waterfall, BUT when you are travelling with a baby, this private sanctuary is the best place for you!

My little daughter, who was about four months old was a happy baby like most of the time. She never cried, not even a bit, during the whole flight until we reached the beach resort. It was like bringing along a Baby Alive doll with her. She feeds and sleeps like a dream! But things changed when it was bedtime. Our dear baby was the fussiest little one, and we were so helpless. The only good thing was we were in a cabin-like Villa separated from the rest of the rooms in the beach resort. It muffled the sound of our baby crying at the same time capable enough to soundproof my voice as I sang her the lullabies.

I think my little girl had too much drink. She went really fussy a few hours before bedtime. 😅

The power breakfast

Coming from an all-nighter, the following day gave us a soothing view of the calm sea. Our four-month-old Kerrigan was in her happy mood once again, so we had a peaceful breakfast with a gorgeous view.

Our power breakfast from Voda Krasna

For breakfast, we had an omelette and carb and protein-rich food, a fruit platter, coffee and orange juice for drinks to fuel our adventure-filled day ahead.

The fruit platter was fabulous. I let our daughter try her first fruit, watermelon!

Four month old Kerrigan’s watermelon

Our makeshift photo studio, the four poster bed

This would be a bonus from all the travelling to be in Cebu. I know I could’ve taken those photos while the bed was wrinkle free, but still, the images were excellent because of our little one.

There was no available crib for babies, so our baby had to sleep on the bed with us. I know it isn’t ideal since a baby this young is still prone to SIDS, so her dad and I took turns by working a few hours in the night while the other sleeps with the baby on the bed. We were still able to take enough sleep and catch up with work.

A bar by night, a workstation by day

With just a good Internet connection and a laptop, we can work just about anywhere. I know that by having a workation kind of lifestyle has a lot of benefits, one of which is being with your kid anytime, anywhere. But it also has a few cons that are manageable if you are disciplined and organised.

The Workation Jedi in action

You could reach the beachfront through a staircase near the bar and lounge area

What’s awesome…

  • Getting to and from the beach resort was easy because of their land transfer service
  • Huge lawn and driveway space for parties and parking space for big groups
  • A bar lounge that greets the guests from a very long journey from the Cebu centre to Alcoy
  • Lots of room options from spacious beach resort villas, cosy rooms to sustainable cottages there is a space to cater to your travel style
  • There’s also an option to set up a tent in the beach
  • Quick access to the beach is made available for guests through a staircase leading to the beach
  • The beach sand was clean
  • There were several water activities to try. Jc and I rode a single banana boat and fell right in the middle of the sea. It was crazy fun!

… and what’s not!

  • No available cribs for babies and infants during our stay, so bring a makeshift bed for your little one’s comfort and safety
  • The staircase leading to the beach was really steep. Be sure to watch your step all the time
  • The beachfront can get crowded so try to wake up early to get a spot in the sand

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