5 Tips on how to enjoy a long-haul flight with your toddler

How does an 8hr flight with a two-year-old sound to you? How about we add another 6 hours to that with a little layover of more or less 3 hours? Sounds a bit scary and tiring already?

What I packed on a 3-week trip to Rome with my toddler…

and what I regretted bringing along! With only weeks into our three-week-long trip to Rome, I felt somewhat excited because finally, I’ll be going back to Rome. But, what it made it extra special was that I brought my daughter with me. Like everyone else, I made a list of the things that I shouldContinue reading “What I packed on a 3-week trip to Rome with my toddler…”

How we applied for our Schengen Visa [updated]

A Millennial Mom’s Guide to Applying for a Schengen Visa with a Toddler

What’s been keeping me busy

It was a slow first quarter of 2018 for me, so as soon as we entered the mid-year I took action and got things fired up. There were so many projects in the pipeline, videos to edit and blogs to write but in spite of the projects that I’m working on my daughter is stillContinue reading “What’s been keeping me busy”