[WATCH] This trick entertains my kid while I work-from-home in peace

No screen involved!

What we found at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2020

We almost didn’t attend the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale this year! I’m glad we didn’t miss it.

How we celebrated Heart’s Day 2020

A mom’s guide to celebrating Valentine’s Day with a preschooler

The Wholesome Table, the healthier alternative with real flavors

The unforgettable Spinach Dip reminded me to dine again after nearly two years

Thrive the work-life this year with these online tools

Don’t just take my word for it. Try these cool online tools for your next big passion adventure!

The Quest for the Adarna, an original musical for the young audiences

To stay true to my 2020 goals, my daughter and I watched our first musical this year – The Quest for the Adarna, with a twist.

Our first donation drive for Taal

Ashfall everywhere! Classes were suspended for three days! Hundreds of families were relocated to escape the Taal eruption!

As a first-time mom, I’m compelled to share the news to my four year old not to scare her but to keep her informed.

Here’s how we kept ourselves productive while helping those in need.

What project did you create at home with your kids to help others?

Share your story with us.

I learned more about my kid through play at KidZania Manila

Continue reading if you want to know what to expect, where to eat and how to navigate your way inside these mini play city!

KinderCity, the whimsical play town for all ages

Most new parents would agree that by the time their kids could walk indoor playgrounds are on top of their family day out destination.

Mom and baby’s first road trip at two months postpartum to an eco-park resort in Batangas

At two months postpartum, Kerrigan and I were ready to explore places together on our first-ever road trip adventure.